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IWA Unlimited: Help! Review


Help! on July 14th, 2012 Matt Cage makes his way to the ring to start the show. He announces that Danny Cannon was not able to make it to the building tonight. Dalton Diamond interrupts but Cage quickly takes care of him. Joey O’Riley comes out and challenges Cage to a match, which he accepts. It will be Cage vs. ... Read More »

IWA Unlimited: 1UP Tournament Review


On June 9th, 2012 IWA Unlimited presented its first annual 1UP Tournament with a variety of talent from the independent professional wrestling scene. The idea behind the tournament was to find the one wrestler with unlimited potential. The winner of the tournament will receive a shot at any IWA Unlimited title within the next year. With that said, let's see ... Read More »

IWA Unlimited: Code Black Review

Code Black Poster

Code Black on May 11th, 2012 A video package is shown highlighting most of the card. Featured matches include a Baseball Diamond Brawl between Jason V and Tony G, a showcase tag team match with the Kentucky Buffet and Eiffel Tower, a hair vs. hair match between Scott Parker and Blake Reed, and a fatal four-way main event for the ... Read More »

IWA Unlimited: Trespassers Will be Shot on Sight 2012 Review


Trespassers Will be Shot on Sight on April 14th, 2012 A video package is shown highlighting the entire card. Christian Rose has started a movement to destroy IWAU and has recruited an army to face off against those that have volunteered to defend IWAU. I will indicate everyone's affiliation in the write-up but there's also two quality video packages shown ... Read More »

IWA Unlimited: Survival Mode Review


buy cigarettes Survival Mode on March 10th, 2012 A video package is shown highlighting the featured matches on the card, including Scott Parker vs. Shank Barzini, Christian Rose vs. Cash Bordin, Matt Cage vs. A.T. Brooks, and the main event of Joey O'Riley vs. Alex Castle. Opening Match: Christian Rose vs. Cash Bordin Rose takes down Bordin with a shoulder ... Read More »

IWA Unlimited: WAR 2012 Review


WAR on February 11th, 2012 Opening Match: Jason V vs. Tony G Jason frustrates Tony with his ground game early on. Tony snaps off an armdrag and connects with a series of punches. He slams Jason into all four top turnbuckles and finds success with a baseball slide. Jason hits an STO and starts working over the back. Tony blocks ... Read More »

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