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Resistance Pro Sad Wings of Destiny DVD Review


-Taped from Chicago, IL -Your hosts are Dr. Keith and C-Red -Dr. Keith previews the card until he’s interrupted by Funaki. They argue about being number one. Funaki critiques Keith’s performance. Zach Thompson chimes in and says Keith makes them all look bad. That was actually funny. -A look back at the Resistance tag team title tournament. If you watch ... Read More »

Resistance Pro Point of No Return DVD Review


-Resistance Pro is a local federation. I like some of the people involved. Let’s take a close look at couple of their 2012 shows and… compare them to the local federation I follow. -Taped from Racine, Wisconsin -Your hosts are Dr. Keith and C-Red -Robert Anthony talks about being in a new building and being nervous. He’s not going to ... Read More »

Resistance Pro 09.14.2012 Just a Game LIVE Results


Darcy dixon attacks Lucy Valdez I believe. Valdez was trying to strip. Is this a match? No red. Valdez gets her down… And walks away. I meant no ref.  Robert Anthony comes out and his theme sounds like porn music. Stephen walters talks garbage about Anthony and calls dixon a whore. Walters puts him on notice. Anthony cuts a great ... Read More »

Resistance Pro- Episode 3 Review

-Your host is Zach Thompson -Matches were taped in Chicago, Illinois on July 27, 2012 -Anthony talks about not being nervous to wrestle a former WWE star and how much he doesn’t respect the former John Morrison. He’s here to make a point to the staff of Resistance pro by beating him. Anthony says Hennigan won’t ever want to step ... Read More »

Resistance Pro Fair Warning Quick 07.27.12 Results + Live Review

Preshow Match #1: Kyle Kendrick defeats Matt Nicks Preshow Match #2: Ryan Howe defeats Chris Castro Mr. 450 defeats Kyle Nikki St. John and Jesse Belle defeat Taylor Made and Serenity in a no disqualification match Ashton Vutton defeats John Skyler The Sheik and Josephus Brody defeat Da Cobra and ??? John Hennigan defeats Robert Anthony Melanie Cruise defeats Thunderkitty ... Read More »

Resistance Pro Episode 2 Review

-It’s the show that only comes once per month! This is the second ever episode of Resistance Pro’s television show. It’s like a digest version of their DVDs meant to promote upcoming shows and allow fans to keep up with the product. So let’s see what they’ve got in store for us this time around. -Zach Thompson begins by talking ... Read More »

Resistance Pro- Taken By Force Live Review

Resistance Pro is one of those companies I’ve always wanted to embrace. Why? Because they’re a local federation trying to make a positive impact on pro wrestling. It takes a lot to put a company together, and the Baron brothers have done everything possible to make Resistance Pro successful. Putting money on the line is one thing, but putting your ... Read More »

Resistance Pro Taken By Force 06/15/12 Results

Taken-By-Force-lg-258x400 (1)

Resistance Pro held their ‘Taken By Force’ event last night Excalibur Nightclub 632 N. Dearborn Street Chicago, IL Pre-show matches: 1)CHRIS CASTRO defeated “Marvelous” MATT KNICKS. 2)THE SUBMISSION SQUAD defeated THE HATE JUNKIES (via submission, of course). Main show: RINALDO PIVEN made his way to the ring (with lawyer DR. PONZO) to discuss the beating he received from R-Pro Director ... Read More »

Resistance Pro Episode 1 Television Recap


Resistance Pro A Small Deadly Space 05/11/12 Results


‎RESISTANCE Pro A SMALL DEADLY SPACE results from Teamster Auditorium in Chicago – Friday May 11th, 2012. 400 fans came out for the debut in the beautiful Teamster Auditorium, the crowd was white hot all night long. Pre-show match 1: THUNDERKITTY defeated AIDA MARIE with her “throwback” sleeper. The crowd loved both of these ladies and the night got off ... Read More »

Resistance Pro Rise DVD Review

-Taped from Chicago, Illinois -Your hosts are Keith Lipinski and Mike “Nova” Bucci -D’arcy Dixon, manager extraordinaire of the Briscoes, poses in the ring. Her muscular development is awfully impressive, but I have no idea what the heck she’s doing in the ring. Dixon promises to scout the other teams to see if the Briscoes are really the best team. ... Read More »

Resistance Pro Black Friday DVD Review

-Taped from Chicago, IL -Your hosts are Danny Dominon and Joel Gertner -We begin the proceedings with Joel Gertner. After working through some mic problems, he has a dirty limerick to tell on this day after Thanksgiving. If I could type faster, I’d give you the whole bloody thing. Jason Hardy is clearly enjoying it though. The ring announcer goes ... Read More »

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