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Beyond Wrestling “Americanrana” Review


I still remember the day I watched the first Beyond Wrestling DVD. It was quite the scene. The camera work was decent, the garage/storage room gave it both a rinky dink and Fight Club like atmosphere all at the same time, and the overall package left something to be desired. There is something to be said though by the passion ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling Review: “Burst the Bubble”


Bridgewater, MA – 5.12.2012 2 out of 3 Falls Aaron Epic (+9) vs. Dave Cole (-3) Epic tries popping Cole’s shoulder out. Cole buys some time on the floor. When he comes back in Epic targets his arm once more. Cole responds with some arm work of his own. Epic delivers an armdrag and calf kicks Cole to the floor. ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling Review: “All Aboard”


Deer Park, NY – 10.13.2012 Elimination Match Team TREMENDOUS (Dan Barry, Ken Scampi & Bill Carr) & Tim Hughes vs. The Professional Revolution (JT Dunn, Mark Shurman, Leon St. Giovanni & Max St. Giovanni) Jon Harder is in the Revolution’s corner. TREMENDOUS attacks the Revolution at the start. When the Revolution regroup on the floor, each member of TREMENDOUS dives ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling Review: Swamp Sessions


Bridgewater, MA – 7.27.2012 ACH (0) vs. Brian Fury (+2) Fury refuses to shake hands. They exchange wristlocks on the mat and come to a stalemate. ACH catches him with an atomic drop. Fury back elbows him to the apron. ACH scissor kicks him in the ropes, bringing him to the floor. A split-legged Arabian Press follows. Back in the ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling & St. Louis Anarchy Review – Double Trouble


Cleveland, OH – 6.16.2012 This show is a joint production between Beyond Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy. The numbers next to the wrestlers’ names represent their Beyond Wrestling record. Team Beyond (Eric Corvis (+11), Jonny Mangue (+2), Chase Burnett (-7) & Zane Silver (-3)) vs. The Beasts (The Pitboss (+7), Matthew Justice (-1), & The Hate Junkies (dany only (+4) ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling “Crises Precipitates Change” Review


North Andover, MA – 11.19 & 11.20.2011 Johnny Cockstrong (+12) vs. AR Fox (-2) Fox has control early on. Cockstrong sticks his crotch up in a crab walk to back Fox off. Fox avoids an early In-the-Pants piledriver. Fox boots Cockstrong after breaking a precarious abdominal stretch. Fox clotheslines Cockstrong, then skins the cat into a dropkick. Cockstrong is hung ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling Review: Miracle Workers & Miracle Workers: “5 for $5″


Beyond Wrestling’s “Miracle Workers” taping was distributed somewhat uniquely. Before the DVD release, five of the best matches from the weekend were released digitally for $5. These five matches are also included with the “Miracle Workers” DVD release. This review will cover both nights of the tapings as well as the 5 matches included in the “5 for $5″ collection. ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling “Tournament for Tomorrow” review


Over the course of the past two months, Beyond Wrestling decided to try something new. They held a Tournament in November called the “Tournament for Tomorrow”, an eight person single elimination tournament where the ultimate goal of the participants would be to win the tournament for the sake of exposure and gaining plus points in Beyond’s ranking system. The participants ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling Review: "Back In Flesh"


how to get back with my ex girlfriend Cleveland, OH – 10.2.2011 Commentary is provided by Denver Colorado and a rotating cast that includes Nick Talent, Pinkie Sanchez, Darius Carter, Jonny Mangue, Davey Vega, Evan Gelestico and Aaron Epic. #KOA (Aaron Epic (+3), Sugar Dunkerton (+2) & Pinkie Sanchez (+2)) vs. The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy (0), Evan Gelestico (+1) ... Read More »

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