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Extreme Rising Card Subject To Change 12.29.12 Results


Extreme Rising Card Subject To Change
December 29, 2012

Estimated Attendance: 1000+

Matt Tremont & Brian XL def Azrael & Bandido Jr and the team of Alex Reynolds & John Silver leading to Balls Mahoney and Blue Meanie challenging them to a match later in the night.

Championship tournament match: Stevie Richards def Luke Hawx by submission
Hardy tried to attack Hawx post match from the crowd but was pulled away by security

Championship tournament match: Rhino def Devon Storm with a Gore to advance to face Stevie Richards

According to the BLK Out vs Mystery Team won’t be on the IPPV.

Facade defeats Jay Bradley

Brian XL & Matt Tremont defeat Blue Balls (Balls Mahoney & Blue Meanie)

Papadon def Little Guido

Jerry Lynn def Homicide with a piledriver

2/3 Falls Lucha match: El Hijo Del Rey Mysterio def Bestia 666 2-1 falls

Steel Cage match: BLK OUT def The Gangstas, The Briscoe Bros & The Dramaticos

Raven cuts a promo burying Extreme Rising saying he will win and belt and disgrace it. Then walks out.

Matt Hardy defeats Sabu after a botched table spot and run ins.

via Mike Johnson of

via Mike Johnson of

Extreme Rising Championship: Stevie Richards def Rhino by submission to become The first champion. Post match celebration.

Show notes & details provided by

Extreme Rising drew around 1,000 fans for their return to the Philadelphia National Guard Armory this past Saturday for “Card Subject to Change”, which was taped for iPPV and is available now at
The big news leading into the show was what was going to happen with New Jack. The Gangstas were scheduled to face BLK OUT in a Steel Cage match but Jack had injured his ankle at the Pittsburgh iPPV and openly announced he needed surgery and wasn’t happy with the promotion for not fronting the money needed. At that point, the company pulled him from the show, feeling they couldn’t put him in the ring after he announced he was hurt. Jack, as you could imagine, hit the roof at that point and there was a lot of angry things said via social media. In the end, all sides came to an agreement, so he was booked to do a run-in, get hurt and be taken out. In the midst of all this, Mustafa (who gets flown in from Las Vegas, where he lives) was canceled and it was too late to get him back on the show, so instead Thomas Rodman dressed and impersonated Mustafa wearing a black hoodie and did a good job of it. Security grabbed him as he left the dressing room, and most of the crowd was none the wiser. I actually thought it was Mustafa the first time I passed him in the locker room, so they did a really good job in that regard.

Lots of minor injuries on the show. Jerry Lynn got a black eye from an errant Homicide punch and it swelled up bigtime in the back. Facade badly cut his finger during a railing spot and needed help getting the bleeding to stop. He actually taped up his finger during the match. Jeez injured his leg during the cage match as well.

We already mentioned the New Jack situation. Once that went down, the promotion booked The Maximos to work as Los Dramaticos under masks and then booked the Briscoes with Ring of Honor’s blessing. The Briscoes were never in the dressing room and were hidden in an office near the front of the venue all night. They actually missed their music cue because they couldn’t hear their song. The crowd was really happy to see them. Due to their ROH contract, the cage could not be on the iPPV but there was talk of releasing it for free online.

Raven was very vocal backstage about too many people being allowed in the back to visit and at one point, complained about Blue Meanie’s guests being there. The company is going to lock down the backstage area for future shows.

There were promos shot backstage building the Matt Hardy vs. Luke Hawx and Stevie Richards vs. Raven feud. The latter will be built up for a long time.

The 4/4 return to Philadelphia, PA will be at the National Guard Armory. The promotion was looking into another venue but it didn’t pan out, so they will return there. Super Crazy and Damien 666 will debut that weekend. The company will run State Island, NY on 4/5 and 4/6 at the Warriors of Wrestling warehouse with the gimmick for the shows being that the fans will be able to vote on the matches, something All Japan used to do annually.

Cody Michaels, who helps run backstage, was not there due to a family commitment.

Alex Reynolds and John Silva from NYWC earned a regular spot with the promotion with their showing in the three way. Both were suggested by Papadon.

Matt Tremont was a last minute substitute for Steve Mack, who had car trouble and missed the show. He was scheduled to debut and team with XL. The promotion is high on Mack, so I expect he will pop up there in 2013.

There is talk of dropping the live bands playing before the show and intermission next year.

The company was happy with the crowd, but hoped to top 1,000 at the show. They were not happy with their own delays and disorganization in certain aspects and want to improve that in 2013. They are also working on production upgrades, specifically sound and lighting.


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Chris GST has been a wrestling fan since around 1991. He grew up enjoying most of the back stage politics as well as enjoyed all the aspects that it takes to create that perfect wrestling match. At the end of 2001 when the original ECW died it was then that Chris took an interest in indy promotions such as ECWA and others. Those made him appreciate companies like Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, PWG, JAPW and it has continued to this day.

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