With the 2016 Jim Lynam Tournament having occurred last weekend, I thought it would be fun to listen to an old podcast from 2012 featuring Jim discussing AAW and more. It also features Val Malone. Here’s the original description:

After a long absence from doing one of these, Jerome Cusson is back this week with two AAW guests. However, before getting into that, Jerome has a statement to make about the situation with a certain wrestling company based out of New Jersey. Then it’s on to the actual show. Jim Lynam is up first and he’s got a lot to discuss. Everything from AAW’s success to a discussion on piracy and his thoughts on wrestling fans. Then Val Malone talks about being a female in wrestling, first by being a fan and then transitioning into a managerial role. She also talks about being a cancer survivor and being the wife of one of the more underrated wrestlers in North America, Silas Young. Good times were had by all.