Newscast 10/11/16 CZW Tangled Web & AAW Jim Lynam Tournament Results + Should ROH Have a Streaming Service & More

Chris GST runs down the major results from the weekend including CZW tangled Web and AAW’s Jim Lynam Tournament. Then a discussion with Brian and Ari Berenstein about some controversial (possibly) words from ACH and his feelings about ROH. The trio then discuss if ROH should start a streaming service. If it’s too late, what the price point should be, and what some combinations could be done in conjunction with WWE. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 06/21/16 AAW, PWG, NJPW Title Changes, ROH Women’s Division, & More

Jerome, Ciara, and Chris GST discuss a big weekend of news including a fun AAW show, title changes in NJPW, and ROH announcing a Women of Honor TV episode. They talk about what happened with certain ROH talents and what the NJPW title changes could mean. Dean Ambrose as WWE Champion, AJ Styles versus John Cena, PWG’s card, and more. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 01/20/16 ROH, AAW Results, PWG, CZW, EVOLVE & WWE/NXT & More

Co-Founder Kevin Ford joins Chris, Brian, and Ciara to discuss some changes to PWP, recent news, and results. They group delves into the ROH results, new AAW Champions, and other results from the past weekend. Then they discuss the WWE NXT/EVOLVE shows, news out of CHIKARA, CZW, PWG, and more. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 12/01/15 AAW, AIW, Beyond Wrestling, Sami Callihan, Tier 1, CWF Mid Atlantic, & More

Jerome, Ciara, Brian, & Chris are back to discuss a ton of news. A ‘Pour One Out’ or ‘Pop the Champagne’ segment that includes AIW’s booking of fireballs and use of powder in 2015, Beyond Wrestling’s TFT 4 winners of Brian Fury & Da Hit Squad, AAW’s Hero vs Pentagon Jr, and the return of Sami Callihan to challenge the new crowned Champion, Eddie Kingston. Lots of fun banter. Previews for the upcoming ROH, CWF Mid Atlantic, Tier 1, and CHIKARA shows. Ciara also breaks news about a Joshi’s retirement and a preview for the upcoming Ringbelle’s column. Lots of fun discussion. Send your feedback to

Newscast 11/24/15 CWF Mid Atlantic, CZW, WSU, AAW, AIW, Beyond Wrestling, Darius Carter & GRRR Review

Happy Thanksgiving week! Jerome Cusson, Chris GST, and Brian Da Brain discuss a ton of results from the weekend including CZW, WSU, CWF Mid Atlantic, and OMEGA. They talk about all the upcoming shows including AAW, AIW, and Beyond who have huge shows this weekend. Darius Carter talks to Chris GST about Tier 1, Beyond Wrestilng TFT 4, Crusade For Change, and more. Then a full review of the Greatest Rivals Round Robin is finally done at your request. Let us know what shows you want us to review next or send feedback to

Newscast 06/23/15 New ROH & AAW Champions

Jerome Cusson and Chris GST are back to discuss the big weekend that crowned new AAW & ROH World Champions. A look at Best in the World, AAW Killer’s Among Us, & the AAW Vanguard show that saw Ethan Page become the new AAW Champion. They also discuss AR Fox getting a ROH tryout, new names for the Figure Toy Co lines, lots of PWG updates & more. Send your feedback to

Newscast 06/16/15 Josh Alexander Retirement, CHIKARA, Global Force, WWNLive/WWE, ROH BitW Preview & More

A ton of news to discuss for this Newscast including the passing of Dusty Rhodes, Josh Alexander’s retirement, WWE possibly working with WWNLive, Global Force’s first two shows & fan reaction and PWG announcements. ROH ratings and a preview for Best in the World round out the show. Lots of topics discussed, as always feel free to send your feedback to

Fan to Fan Special Edition: Dr. Keith Lipinski

Kevin never intended to have duplicate guests on Fan to Fan, but when the news of TNA hiring Billy Corgan came out, Kevin decided to bring back the good doctor Keith Lipinski who worked alongside the Smashing Pumpkins frontman for a year in Resistance Pro. Keith talks about some of Billy’s booking, what it was like working with him, and how he think he will fare in the world of TNA. After that discussion, Keith talks about AAW where he has been for many years now. Keith talks with great pride on the strides the company has made over the years, particular moments he enjoyed, and wrestlers he sees becoming major players in the future. Enjoy this very special episode of Fan to Fan!

For more information on AAW, check out their official website. You can purchase AAW shows on DVD, mp4, and On Demand from Smart Mark Video and AAW t-shirts through Pro Wrestling Tees.

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Newscast 03/17/15 ROH Live Review, Rumors, AAW, AIW, CWF Mid Atlantic & More

There was so much news/rumors this week that Jerome and Chris had to bring on Greg Davis for the first time to talk about his experiences at the ROH shows this past weekend. They talk the good, the bad, and the downright dumb. Then they go into the news about Jacobs signing with the WWE, ROH trying to protect their talent including the Young Bucks, and what the NXT show on Friday during WM weekend could mean for ROH. AAW’s upcoming show along with AIW, and CWF Mid Atlantic round out the conversation. Lots of info on all the rumors surrounding ROH/NXT/WWE on this one so don’t be afraid to tell your friends about it. Leave your thoughts at


Part two of the year in review is here! Lots of awards are given. Lots of conversation about some of the biggest indies in North America. And there are guests. Matt Waters on PWG. TJ Hawke on Chikara. Alex on three top level indies (AAW, AIW, and CZW). A near 2.5 hours of discussion. Enjoy.

The Interview Show – Tim Donst Returns

Tim Donst is back! He talks about his huge match with Michael Elgin coming up at Absolution. They discuss his AIW career the last year, including getting opportunities against some of the biggest names in the world of professional wrestling. Donst also speaks generally about the end of his Chikara run, including the disappointing match with Eddie Kingston at Under the Hood. He gives his thoughts on the match and why he walked out through the crowd. Donst talks about chances with WWN and ROH too. A great interview. #HailHydra

Weekly Newscast 06/04/14 AAW, CZW, AIW, ROH, HoH, CWF Mid Atlantic News & More

Chris & Des bring you the news in independent pro wrestling this week in a short and sweet episode. They discuss AAW: United We Stand and CZW: Prelude to Violence shows from the past weekend. They talk about the updated card for ROH Best in the World, AIW Absolution, and the double shot show in July for AIW. They talk about the upcoming events from CWF Mid Atlantic, Dreamwave, and House of Hardcore and the impact of certain talents on certain shows. Enjoy and send your feedback to

The Interview Show- Gregory Iron, Christian Rose, and Matt Cage

The Interview Show- Gregory Iron, Christian Rose, and Matt Cage

The Interview Show is back to talk about a huge weekend in the Midwest. Gregory Iron talks about his character in AAW and AIW and offers his thoughts on a number of issues pertaining to wrestling. Christian Rose discusses IWA/Dreamwave and the opportunities those companies have provided him. Rose is honest about his relationship with Ian Rotten and recent incidents involving the Jarretts. Matt Cage is the final guest as he talks about his huge match with Chris Hero and his extended time as Heritage Champion. A great two hours of audio to get you hyped up for the weekend in wrestling.

Weekly Newscast 03/19/14 ROH, EVOLVE, DGUSA, Beyond Wrestling, wXw, AIW, AAW News

Chris and Des are back to talk about all the title changes and the wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament from this past weekend plus updates from all over the indie landscape. We have updates for AIW’s JLIT including a HUGE LAST MINUTE BREAKING NEWS announcement during our plugs so stay til the end. Updated AAW and WrestleCon cards. Then after the show was over, we had DGUSA breaking news so Senior Editor Jerome Cusson and Ryan Rozanski joined Chris for the addendum. This is a packed podcast. Send your feedback to on any topics we covered here or anything else. Thanks.

Unnamed AAW Podcast- Episode 1

Jerome Cusson is back for a brand new podcast on PWP. This one will focus on AAW only, just as the Podcast of Honor focused on Ring of Honor and Viva Chikara focuses on Chikara. Jerome welcomes two of the newest writers for the website, Derek Walker and Alexandria Torres. They discuss a wide range of issues including the brand new television show that started last week, some of the biggest angles going on in AAW, Derek’s thoughts on the recent Path of Redemption, and a preview of the upcoming AAW shows coming this March. A great show as always so check it out.

Weekly Newscast 02/26/14 ROH/NJPW, DGUSA, CZW, AIW, WE-R News & More

Chris GST and Des Delgadillo are back to discuss the big news surrounding ROH and NJPW including dream matches and what could happen when New Japan talents are booked against ROH talents. News from DGUSA, AIW, CZW, St. Louis Anarchy, VWAA, WE-R and more round out this show plus some fun banter about the WWE Network and if it will cause the end of productivity as we know it. Send all your feedback on these topics and more to

Weekly Newscast 01/29/14 Part 1: Matt Ryan of WE-R, ROH, SHINE, AAW, Dreamwave, Q-Pro, PWG & More

Such a big week in pro wrestling that the Newscast is in two parts. First up is a great interview with Matt Ryan, booker for Wrestling Elite Revolution (WE-R) talking about their upcoming show. Des & Chris discuss a lot of news for ROH Wrestling’s Finest, SHINE 16, & AAW Chaos Theory. They delve into the latest news for CZW, ROH, DGUSA, what Gabe had to say about CM Punk, National Pro Wrestling Day and a lot more. Hope you guys enjoy and look out for part 2 tomorrow. Send all your feedback to

Weekly Newscast 01/22/14 PWX results, WiR Closed, ROH DGUSA AIW AAW CWF VWAA News

Chris and Des breakdown the news from the weekend including PWX results, how Wrestling Is Respect got shut down, & contract info for the American Wolves in TNA. Updated information for CZW, WSU, DGUSA, ROH, AIW, and then they break down the upcoming shows for CWF Mid Atlantic, VWAA, and AAW.
Short and sweet to keep you updated on everything going on in indie wrestling. Send all feedback to

Weekly Newscast 01/08/14 ROH CZW AAW AIW CWF PWG NPWD News and More

Chris and Des are finally reconnected after the Christmas/New Years time and they are not lacking for news so the duo also called upon Senior Editor Jerome Cusson to break down news from the past 2 weeks including his live perspective on AIW and AAW. Other topics included AJ Styles returning to ROH, the future of the American Wolves, PWG DDT 4, the fallout of CZW Cage of Death & ROH Final Battle plus news from AIW, AAW, & CWF Mid Atlantic. Lots of stuff and a packed show for the first Weekly Newscast of 2014. Enjoy and feel free to send your thoughts on any topics discuss to or leave a comment below

School’s In: Episode 25 – Fake NYE Party!

The Official Podcast of The School of Everything Else typically begins with announcements about laughs and lessons from the world of professional wrestling. Well…this episode is more just the laughs. What happens when you mix Kevin’s microphones with Dave Prazak, Arik Cannon, Patrick Creed, Mike Robles, Camera Guy Ivan, assorted adult beverages and Clash of the Champions 1993? Listen to find out. Be warned, this one sets a new bar for ridiculous.


Kevin Harvey can be contacted on twitter at

Weekly Newscast 12/04/13 with Wiggy and Yolanda: AAW, AIW, CHIKARA Scavenger Hunt, and more

Chris and Des are back and they have two special guests in the returning Wiggy and Yolanda of Gimicks Tees debuts. Lots of fun talking about the title changes in AAW and AIW then they delve into the fun of CHIKARA scavenger hunt and the fun that this is bringing to the CHIKARmy. There are a few technical issues but that doesn’t stop them from having some fun talking about upcoming Chris Hero appearances, who Yolanda and Wiggy are pulling for in Gulak vs Hero, and of course the history making discussion about Total Divas. This and more, enjoy and send your feedback to

Special Podcast of Honor: Davey Richards, GBH, Finale Battle Preview

Jerome Cusson hosts this special edition of the Podcast of Honor as Ari Berenstein & Chris GST join him to discuss the recent controversy of Davey Richards being off of Final Battle and done with ROH for the forseeable future. They also go over the 75 minute main event of Glory By Honor All Stars vs Champions, their likes, dislikes, and compare the edited tv presentation to the unedited version. This of course wouldn’t be complete without discussion about the upcoming Final Battle 2013 with a full preview of each match and their concerns about the buzz going into this final event of the year.

Fan to Fan Episode 17 – Dr. Keith Lipinski

It’s about time one of the pioneers of independent wrestling podcasting made his way onto Fan to Fan. In this jumbo sized episode, no stone of Keith’s illustrious life as a fan goes unturned. Keith talks about his early days as a fan, how he became a fan of Japanese wrestling and the Indies, and how he broke into the world of podcasting. The conversation then turns to discussion of Keith’s involvement in the wacky world of pro wrestling: Wrestling Society X, New Jack, the Cow Palace, Resistance Pro, AAW; it’s all discussed! The world of wrestling should be thankful for a man as fine as Keith, so kick back in your tryptophanic state and relish in the audio bliss.

Weekly Newscast 11/27/13 New VWAA Champions, Squared Circle pizza events, AAW, AIW

Chris and Jerome are here for an abridged version of the Weekly Newscast. They discuss the new VWAA champions, plans for 2014, the fun events that take place at Squared Circle pizza owned by the former Victoria/Tara, Lisa Marie Varon (on twitter at @TheSQDCircle) including the event happening Wednesday night. The duo also talk about the upcoming AAW and AIW events this weekend. Enjoy, have a safe Thanksgiving, and send your feedback to

Weekly Newscast 10/30/13 ROH GBH XII, AAW, AIW Double Dare

Chris GST, Des Delgadillo, and Senior Editor Jerome Cusson are back to discuss the past weekend in Indie Wrestling. They discuss the main event of Glory by Honor and the ramifications it has on the future booking of ROH. AAW War is Coming and the no contest finish to the main event and then they delve into a preview for the AIW iPPV, the Double Dare Tag Team Tournament. They also discuss the upcoming shows for the weekend and give small previews for many of them. Leave your feedback at