Newscast 10/11/16 CZW Tangled Web & AAW Jim Lynam Tournament Results + Should ROH Have a Streaming Service & More

Chris GST runs down the major results from the weekend including CZW tangled Web and AAW’s Jim Lynam Tournament. Then a discussion with Brian and Ari Berenstein about some controversial (possibly) words from ACH and his feelings about ROH. The trio then discuss if ROH should start a streaming service. If it’s too late, what the price point should be, and what some combinations could be done in conjunction with WWE. Send your thoughts to

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “King of Trios 2016 Spectacular”

It’s the biggest weekend of CHIKARA’s year – King of Trios! Join Kevin Ford and JUSTIN as they run down the entirety of the tournament. Not only they predict the first round, but each host has constructed a hypothetical bracket and predicted the entire tournament! Whose going to win? Why won’t certain teams win? Will their changes to a team or two? What matches will the eliminated teams be put in on Nights 2 and 3? Plus – Rey de Voladores! The Tag Gauntley! Our wish list for non-tournament matches and other Trios accoutrement, and, some talk of CHIKARA’s first ever live Network Special! This is a podcast you don’t want to miss.

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Hardcore Roundtable Episode 5 T.O.S. and TOD 15 Reactions

​In This Monster episode of The Hardcore Roundtable Christopher Lawrence is joined by Ami Moregore and they talk the return of ZANDIG, Tournament of Survival, “The video” and ESPN, and the publicity it has gotten, CZW’s Tournament of death 15 , The Burial, and Crowd Injuries at shows, particularly deathmatch shows. for all your wrestling news and reviews. and for a free first month use the code ” PWPFREECZW”

Newscast 06/14/16 Freelance, EVOLVE, ROH analysis, WWE Cruiserweight Classic, & More

Chris GST, Jerome Cusson, Brian, and Ciara are back to discuss a huge number of results from the past weekend. Jerome’s time at Freelance and why this is a promotion you can’t afford to miss. The group discusses why EVOLVE is beating ROH when it comes to booking and interest. They look at the WWE Cruiserweight CLassic talent announcements and then previews for SHINE, AAW, AIW and a lot more. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 01/20/16 ROH, AAW Results, PWG, CZW, EVOLVE & WWE/NXT & More

Co-Founder Kevin Ford joins Chris, Brian, and Ciara to discuss some changes to PWP, recent news, and results. They group delves into the ROH results, new AAW Champions, and other results from the past weekend. Then they discuss the WWE NXT/EVOLVE shows, news out of CHIKARA, CZW, PWG, and more. Send your thoughts to

Year In Review: A Look Back At 2015

PWP founders Jerome, Kevin, and Chris GST are back with another Year In Review. Rather than a look back at any specific promotion or timeline, the three draw back on some of the major topics that took place in 2015. The distribution of content, the ROH/PWG contractual status, the WWNLive/WWE “relationship”, the MVPs, the moments that stood out, and more. A fun little discussion that we openly admit could possibly just the tip of the iceberg. Send us your thoughts and stand out moments from 2015 @

Newscast 11/10/15 News out of AAW, CHIKARA, ROH, EVOLVE & More

Jerome, Ciara, and Brian are back. They pop some champagne or pour it out on CHIKARA and AAW booking three ways for their respective titles, talk about Elgin’s status with the company, and recap some of the major news out of the weekend. They talk about the busy time that will be done over Thanksgiving weekend. The trio also preview some upcoming shows including ROH Survival of the Fittest and why fans should maybe pay attention to these shows, or not. Send your feedback to

CZW Podcast: Chris Lawrence Discusses Retribution, Tremont Win, & More

Chris GST is joined by Chris Lawrence of the We Want Blood Podcast & CZW reviewer to discuss what has gone down in CZW over the past few weeks and where it’s all headed. They discuss the CZW World Title win of Matt Tremont, the perception of CZW and how it has changed over the last few years, DJ Hyde’s booking and business handling of the company, and more. Send us your feedback to

Newscast 08/18/15 NJPW G1, ROH News, AIW, EVOLVE, DGUSA, & More

Chris GST, Jerome Cusson, and Brian come together to talk the awesomeness that was the G1 Climax finals. Everything from Delirious appearing on it, to Okada announcing he’ll face Tenryu, to Jerome being unabashedly correct about Tanahashi winning (it’s going to be a long year). The trio delve into news about ROH doing joint shows with NJPW and having Final Battle in Philly. The (un)official death of DGUSA and what it means for EVOLVE. AIW, PWG, and more topics round out the discussion. Send your thoughts to

Dojo Wars Interview: Drew Gulak

Wiggy sits down to chat with one of the head trainers of the CZW Wrestling Academy, Drew Gulak, to talk about how Dojo Wars came to be, how it’s evolved and where it’s going.

Newscast 07/21/15 NXT vs ROH, NJPW, AAW, ROH, CZW gets PPV, G1, Joe Dombrowski, & More

The Newscast returns with a lot of topics to cover. NXT versus ROH. NJPW and it’s new global initiative. ROH sets #1 contenders. Joe Dombrowski comes on to discuss his Virgil project. CZW gets a PPV deal. and if that isn’t enough, the annual G1 has begun. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 07/13/15 New Champions for AIW, EVOLVE, CZW, Donst Returns, Alexander’s Last Match, & Scenic City Invitational Preview

Despite saying we wouldn’t have a Newscast this week due to our 12 hour marathon, there was a ton of news to cover including new champions for AIW, EVOLVE, Donst returning to AIW and his usage in CZW, and Josh Alexander’s farewell. We have Dylan Hales on to talk about his somewhat controversial review of CZW New Heights and to preview Empire Pro Wrestling’s Scenic City Invitational. Lots of results and discussion. Send your feedback to

Newscast 06/09/15 ROH Ratings, Donst Documentary, WWE Tryouts, Akuma on Tier 1, Beyond Wrestling & More

Chris GST & Jerome Cusson discuss the ROH ratings for their debut show on DA. They talk about the announcements of Michael Elgin in the G1 and question not booking Roderick Strong. Gran Akuma also joins Chris GST to talk about the Tier 1 debut show, beyond Wrestling, Excellence Pro, and more. Other topics include the WWE tryouts, Havok controversy, and Tim Donst documentary.

Newscast 05/26/15 Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, AIW JLIT, PWG DDT4, CHIKARA & More

Chris & Jerome are joined by Brian 7 dave to discuss all the happenings from the weekend including PWG DDT4, AIW JLIT 2015, GNO & more. Discussion also included Joe doing indie dates and appearing on NXT, Kevin Owens on Raw, ROH announcements, & more. Send your feedback to

Newscast 05/05/15 AAW, CHIKARA, Beyond Wrestling #RAWltnerative AIW Streaming & More

Jerome and Chris are back to discuss some awesome results from AAW with Jerome’s live perspective. AIW’s new streaming service is discussed as well as our exclusive coupon code to get you 20% off for 12 months. Beyond Wrestling’s RAWlternative return, ROH’s return to iPPV, and more are all discussed. Enjoy and send your feedback to

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Chris GST on twitter: and email at

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Newscast 04/14/15 AR Fox, Briscoes, New NXT Talents, & More

Chris GST & Jerome Cusson are back to discuss the AR Fox/WWNLive situation, Briscoes possibly getting offered a NXT deal, AAW, SHIMMER and CZW results. They discuss if Fox would go to ROH, what the options the Briscoes have if they don’t accept the WWE contract. News from PWG, CWF Mid Atlantic, ROH, WWNLive, Infinity Pro, SHIMMER, and more. Send your feedback to

Newscast 04/07/15 ROH/NJPW talent, PWG DDT4, New Champions, & So Much More

Chris GST, Jerome Cusson, & Brian are back finally after a 2 week hiatus and there is a lot to get to. PWG had a great show and announced DDT4, ROH has revealed the KRD & some NJPW talent for the joint shows, there are new Champions in NJPW, SHINE and CHIKARA, Nick Gage is getting booked everywhere literally after getting out of prison, and so much more. Why are some indie promotions anti WWE, what ROH did for a serviceman and his son at a recent show, and Uhaa Nation finally at NXT are just a few of the other topics we cover plus we answer your questions. Send your questions and feedback to

PWP X-Tra: Larry Legend talks his time in wrestling, CZW, ROH, and more

Larry Legend joins Chris GST to talk about his time in the wrestling business. Legend talks about his time starting in MCW and how he came into CZW and what he does for ROH. Legend also brings up how the roster is with the ROH now being on PPV and what plans SBG may have in the future. A really fun and different perspective of indie wrestling.

Newscast 02/24/15 Tim Donst, Samoa Joe, CZW iPPV, ROH, PWG & More

Chris GST and Jerome Cusson are back this week to discuss a pretty heavy topic and some big news throughout indie wrestling. They discuss the situation with Tim Donst and share some thoughts on his career. Then they delve into what could be a PR nightmare for CZW, how the ROH show and 13th anniversary are looking when it comes to business and the future. They go over majors results from the weekend including CWF Mid Atlantic, WSU, Infinity Pro, & AIW. Then they talk about some updates and matches announced for the recently departed from Impact Wrestling Samoa Joe and what has them excited about the WWNLive product come WrestleMania weekend. Lots of news and opinions are thrown out there on this one so you don’t want to miss it. Send your thoughts to

The View From Filsinger Headquarters & ‘Sick’ Nick Mondo

Tom, Wiggy and Todd return this month with a huge show revealing the date and location of this year’s Galacticon, upcoming releases, a new website and then Wiggy chats with CZW Hall of Famer and Deathmatch legend, “Sick” Nick Mondo! Mondo reveals the truth about a decade long misconception regarding his career and retirement; discusses the behind the scenes details of his one night only return to wrestling in late 2013 and how the long-buried feelings that return stirred up lead to his decision to film his upcoming biopic, The Trade.

Newscast 02/16/15 CHIKARA, PWG, ROH, EVOLVE, Beyond Wrestling, CZW, AAW Vanguard, AIW & more

CHIKARA expert Kevin Ford joins the Newscast crew of Chris & Jerome to talk about this CHIKARA Challenge of the Immortals draft and what it could mean for the rest of the season. EVOLVE 38 was announced with a steel cage main event and the group discusses why this may have been a strange time to announce. Updates for ROH, Beyond Wrestling, AIW, AAW, PWG, and much more including some fun Bullet Club discussion. A packed edition, send your thoughts to

Pantsless Radio w/ CZW Owner DJ Hyde

Wiggy and Yolanda reveal your selections for the Best of 2014 then chat the CZW and WSU owner, DJ Hyde about the Apollo Theater, Philly Crowds, listening to your fans and Disney world!

Newscast: Early year bad tactics, EVOLVE shows, NJPW on AXS, PWG, RAWlternative, & More

Chris GST and Jerome Cusson are back for the first week of 2015 and they don’t pull any punches. The do talk about some early year bad tactics by some promotions using talents who have some questionable current life choices/situations. They delve into the EVOLVE shows that took place over the weekend and what the wins/losses mean and where they could be headed for Wrestlemania weekend. The NJPW trailer (which can be seen here) from AXS Tv and why it’s probably not such a great thing despite NJPW starting the year off well. #RAWlternative is discussed for next week plus news for PWG, FIP, CZW, and more. Send your thoughts to


Part two of the year in review is here! Lots of awards are given. Lots of conversation about some of the biggest indies in North America. And there are guests. Matt Waters on PWG. TJ Hawke on Chikara. Alex on three top level indies (AAW, AIW, and CZW). A near 2.5 hours of discussion. Enjoy.

CZW Dojo Wars Series: Rob Dimension

In the latest in the CZW’s Dojo Wars interview series, Wiggy chats
with CZW Creative Consultant, Rob Dimension!