Newscast 10/18/16 EVOLVE, ROH Results, Nova Pro Preview, and Stuttsy on CWF Mid Atlantic, NXT, and More

Chris GST runs down the results from EVOLVE, ROH Glory By Honor Weekend, and AIW. Then he’s joined by Kevin Ford to discuss the happenings at EVOLVE and a full preview for Nova Pro happening this weekend. Brad Stutts aka Stuttsy joins them to discuss a myriad of topics including the talent from CWF Mid Atlantic to NXT/WWE and their weekly show CWF Worldwide. He answers your questions including what it’s like to write for TV compared to spot shows, if we can expect a big PWI Pro show, Wrestlemania Weekend, and what is his and Kevin Ford’s favorite Survivor Series. Send your feedback to

Newscast 10/11/16 CZW Tangled Web & AAW Jim Lynam Tournament Results + Should ROH Have a Streaming Service & More

Chris GST runs down the major results from the weekend including CZW tangled Web and AAW’s Jim Lynam Tournament. Then a discussion with Brian and Ari Berenstein about some controversial (possibly) words from ACH and his feelings about ROH. The trio then discuss if ROH should start a streaming service. If it’s too late, what the price point should be, and what some combinations could be done in conjunction with WWE. Send your thoughts to

Podcast of Honor 10/10/16 ASE 8 Review

Chris GST is joined by Rich Laconi, Ari Berenstein, & Chris Miccio to discuss ROH’s latest PPV. They look at the real winners and losers, the impact of Ladder War 6, where the wrestlers will head as we head into Final Battle season, and more. Send your thoughts to

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “King of Trios 2016 Spectacular”

It’s the biggest weekend of CHIKARA’s year – King of Trios! Join Kevin Ford and JUSTIN as they run down the entirety of the tournament. Not only they predict the first round, but each host has constructed a hypothetical bracket and predicted the entire tournament! Whose going to win? Why won’t certain teams win? Will their changes to a team or two? What matches will the eliminated teams be put in on Nights 2 and 3? Plus – Rey de Voladores! The Tag Gauntley! Our wish list for non-tournament matches and other Trios accoutrement, and, some talk of CHIKARA’s first ever live Network Special! This is a podcast you don’t want to miss.

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Hardcore Roundtable Episode 5 T.O.S. and TOD 15 Reactions

​In This Monster episode of The Hardcore Roundtable Christopher Lawrence is joined by Ami Moregore and they talk the return of ZANDIG, Tournament of Survival, “The video” and ESPN, and the publicity it has gotten, CZW’s Tournament of death 15 , The Burial, and Crowd Injuries at shows, particularly deathmatch shows. for all your wrestling news and reviews. and for a free first month use the code ” PWPFREECZW”

Newscast 01/20/16 ROH, AAW Results, PWG, CZW, EVOLVE & WWE/NXT & More

Co-Founder Kevin Ford joins Chris, Brian, and Ciara to discuss some changes to PWP, recent news, and results. They group delves into the ROH results, new AAW Champions, and other results from the past weekend. Then they discuss the WWE NXT/EVOLVE shows, news out of CHIKARA, CZW, PWG, and more. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 01/06/16 Nakamura, Styles, Bullet Club to WWE, WK 10, Dash, PWG & More

The first Newscast of 2016 is off to a huge start with news on the exodus of top NJPW talent to WWE. A full review of Wrestle Kingdom 10, what the exodus can mean for 2016, a look at PWG’s first show of 2016, and more. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section or email us at

NXT/Evolve 2015 Year in Review

Jerome Cusson is finally able to record shows again! This time, Jerome sits down with first time podcaster Chris Bacon to discuss the positives and negatives of Evolve and NXT. They discuss the uniqueness of Timothy Thatcher, the greatness of Chris Hero, and some of the break-out stars in the WWN universe. They transition to NXT by discussing some of the rumorz that were such a huge part of 2015 involving a possible relationship. NXT conversation includes a discussion of each division and their strengths/weaknesses.

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “Big Yellow Joint”

The season 15 finale is upon us, so leave it to Justin and Kevin to discuss the upcoming event with painstaking detail. Who is walking away with the Grand Championship? Who is winning the Cibernetico? Which team will be immortalized? What’s the deal with the ants? Nazmaldun? What will come of Snowflake, the Estonian Farmerfrog, and the Swamp Monster? Plus: fan questions! Literally, questions from one fan. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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Podcast of Honor Nov 2015: NJPW, COMET TV, Elgin, SoTF & More

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, and Chris Miccio are back to discuss all the big news from Ring of Honor. The switch to COMET TV, what it means for Elgin to win the SoTF Tournament, the relationship with NJPW, and what this all means for Final Battle. A full run down of what happened at Survival of the Fittest rounds out the show. After A LOT of warning, the recent TV taping spoilers are also discussed. Send your thoughts to

PWP Xtra – Drew Cordeiro of Beyond Wrestling Discusses BeyonDemand, Matt Riddle, #TFT4, & More

Drew Cordeiro of Beyond Wrestling joins us to discuss all the exciting stuff he has going on. Drew talks about the new BeyonDemand streaming subscription service and everything that went into its creation. Why he chose Youtube as a distribution partner, what changes had to be made, and what all of us can expect going forward including some fun teases about what we may see down the line. Drew also brings up the reaction to Matt Riddle being announced for Tournament for Tomorrow 4 and gives PWP an exclusive as to what he will be doing at Night 1. Other topics including Championship Melt, why Fete is becoming the go to place in New England for wrestling, and more. Send your feedback to

Newscast 09/29/15 CHIKARA, NOVA Pro, Gran Akuma Interview, ROH, NJPW, EVOLVE, & More

Jerome, Ciara, Ryan, and Brian are back this week to discuss a number of topics including NJPW, EVOLVE, ROH, CWF Mid Atlantic and more. Kevin joins the discussion to talk about his experiences at NOVA pro and to give some thoughts on the CHIKARA results. Gran Akuma is interviewed about some upcoming shows including Tier 1, Excellence Pro, FIP, On Point and a Charity show. Details for the Charity show will be PWP soon. Send all feedback to

Podcast of Honor 09/03/15 Lethal/Strong, NJPW Relationship, & More

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, & Chris Miccio are finally back to discuss all the news in Ring of Honor including the Strong/Lethal feud, the relationship with NJPW, what is going on in Sept, and much more. The discussion covers the ups and downs of how talents are booked against the NJPW talents and how both sides benefit, or don’t from the match results. They also go down some of the announced matches for upcoming major shows and talk about the return to PPV for ROH. Send your thoughts to

CZW Podcast: Chris Lawrence Discusses Retribution, Tremont Win, & More

Chris GST is joined by Chris Lawrence of the We Want Blood Podcast & CZW reviewer to discuss what has gone down in CZW over the past few weeks and where it’s all headed. They discuss the CZW World Title win of Matt Tremont, the perception of CZW and how it has changed over the last few years, DJ Hyde’s booking and business handling of the company, and more. Send us your feedback to

Women’s Wrestling Podcast Aug 2015

Jerome, Dave, and Ciara are back for another edition of the podcast. It’s almost a rapidfire edition of the show as they bounce around four major topics. Dave talks about his experience at Geekfest in-depth since women’s wrestling played an important role in the proceedings. Ciara and Dave offer their thoughts on the Diva’s Revolution. Jerome provides his uninformed opinions. Then it’s onto Stardom and Femme Fetales. Ciara talks about what’s going on with each promotion. A great discussion of women’s wrestling as always on PWP.

Newscast 08/18/15 NJPW G1, ROH News, AIW, EVOLVE, DGUSA, & More

Chris GST, Jerome Cusson, and Brian come together to talk the awesomeness that was the G1 Climax finals. Everything from Delirious appearing on it, to Okada announcing he’ll face Tenryu, to Jerome being unabashedly correct about Tanahashi winning (it’s going to be a long year). The trio delve into news about ROH doing joint shows with NJPW and having Final Battle in Philly. The (un)official death of DGUSA and what it means for EVOLVE. AIW, PWG, and more topics round out the discussion. Send your thoughts to

PWP Xtra – Lucha Underground Season 1 Review

Chris GST is joined by Barry Murphy, Brian, and the returning Des Delgadillo to discuss the overall effectiveness of Lucha Underground and their inaugural season. The good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. The cinematography, commentary, match quality, and yes, inter-gender wrestling are all discussed. Send us your thoughts on it and your predictions for the future to

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “AIDS from Sprinkles”

A hodgepodge of topics this week. Justin and Kevin talk about Chuck Taylor’s Reddit AMA, UltraMantis Black’s injury, touch upon King of Trios and Journey Into CHIKARA, then run down this Saturday’s card in Philadelphia. Also banter about sleeping, WWE, and other wrestling companies. Consider this your appetizer to the big King of Trios podcast coming up in a few weeks!

Drew Cordeiro: Manager Issues, & Beyond Wrestling Life Sucks & Then You Die Preview

It’s been a hectic 48 hours for Drew Cordeiro, the owner-operator of Beyond Wrestling and it didn’t help that a certain manager/booking agent made things worse just a few days before a major event. Drew comes on to discuss what those issues were, why transparency with his fans is important, a full preview for Life Sucks and then You Die, and more. He even answers your questions and gives a match announcement for Americanrana 2015.

Podcast of Honor 06/20/15 Best in the World 2015 Review

Chris, Ari, & Chris are back (finally) to review Best in the World 2015 which saw Jay Lethal become ROH World Champion and retain his TV Championship. All the good, the bad, and the somewhat laughable points of the PPV. They also go back and talk about the NJPW/ROH joint shows, what it means for Elgin to be a part of the G1, and end on some t-shirt & action figure discussion. Lots of fun. Send your feedback to

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “Snail Shell”

13 years of CHIKARA are in the books as of this weekend, and Justin Houston and Kevin Ford are here to recap it all. They talk to Scholarship Challenge, “Back to Skull”, the entire “Aniversario” card with some predictions on Missile Assault Ant and general reflections on the past year. Just listen!

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Newscast Part 2 05/19/15 DDT4 and JLIT 2015 Preview



Jerome Cusson is back with a cavalcade of guests. First up, Jerome and Brian talk about PWG. They speculate on Monster Mafia possibly winning the whole thing and the realistic chances of Roderick Strong retaining the world title. Next, John Thorne is in to discuss the JLIT and AIW’s new streaming service. They also speculate on who “Words” might be. Finally, Heidi Lovelace is on to discuss her career. She discusses her time with a number of North American companies as well as her time in Japan. A fun couple of hours. Give it a listen.

Newscast 05/18/15 ROH/NJPW Results & Live Experience Review


Jerome Cusson speaks with Kevin Ford and Ryan Rozanski this week as they discuss the first three nights of ROH’s joint shows with New Japan. Kevin provides his thoughts and what matches stuck oiut. He also discusses his thoughts on NXT as well. Ryan and Jerome review Global Wars, a fun and watchable show that did not quite stick the landing at times. Later on this week, we’ll preview the 2015 JLIT but enjoy the conversation concerning a huge week in Ring of Honor.

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Newscast 05/12/15 ROH/NJPW Joint Shows, Global Force Roster, Tier 1, CHIKARA, & More

One of the busiest weeks in the ROH calender is finally here and Jerome and Chris aren’t shy when it comes to their feelings on the matches and their thoughts on what ROH is doing on iPPV. They also discuss Global Force Wrestling’s roster reveal, the terrible reveal video, Tier 1’s debut show, CHIKARA Anniversario update and new team for the KOT, Triple A’s Lucha World Cup, and more. A fun show. Check it out and send us your thoughts @

PWP Xtra: Veda Scott discussing WSU, AIW, SHIMMER & More

Veda Scott joins Dave Muscarella to talk about a myriad of topics including her winning the AIW Women’s title, WSU’s upcoming shows, SHIMMER, and more. A fun listen and we thank Veda for joining Dave.