Newscast 10/11/16 CZW Tangled Web & AAW Jim Lynam Tournament Results + Should ROH Have a Streaming Service & More

Chris GST runs down the major results from the weekend including CZW tangled Web and AAW’s Jim Lynam Tournament. Then a discussion with Brian and Ari Berenstein about some controversial (possibly) words from ACH and his feelings about ROH. The trio then discuss if ROH should start a streaming service. If it’s too late, what the price point should be, and what some combinations could be done in conjunction with WWE. Send your thoughts to

Podcast of Honor 10/10/16 ASE 8 Review

Chris GST is joined by Rich Laconi, Ari Berenstein, & Chris Miccio to discuss ROH’s latest PPV. They look at the real winners and losers, the impact of Ladder War 6, where the wrestlers will head as we head into Final Battle season, and more. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 06/21/16 AAW, PWG, NJPW Title Changes, ROH Women’s Division, & More

Jerome, Ciara, and Chris GST discuss a big weekend of news including a fun AAW show, title changes in NJPW, and ROH announcing a Women of Honor TV episode. They talk about what happened with certain ROH talents and what the NJPW title changes could mean. Dean Ambrose as WWE Champion, AJ Styles versus John Cena, PWG’s card, and more. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 06/14/16 Freelance, EVOLVE, ROH analysis, WWE Cruiserweight Classic, & More

Chris GST, Jerome Cusson, Brian, and Ciara are back to discuss a huge number of results from the past weekend. Jerome’s time at Freelance and why this is a promotion you can’t afford to miss. The group discusses why EVOLVE is beating ROH when it comes to booking and interest. They look at the WWE Cruiserweight CLassic talent announcements and then previews for SHINE, AAW, AIW and a lot more. Send your thoughts to

Podcast of Honor: Supercard of Honor 2016 Preview

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, & Chris Miccio are finally back with another Podcast of Honor to discuss the fallout from the 14th Anniversary and all the recent ROH news. They discuss the debate over NJPW talent wins and what ROH is getting out of the working relationship, recent improvements in production, and the March 12th event. Then a full preview for the upcoming Supercard of Honor shows in Dallas for Wrestlemania weekend. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 01/06/16 Nakamura, Styles, Bullet Club to WWE, WK 10, Dash, PWG & More

The first Newscast of 2016 is off to a huge start with news on the exodus of top NJPW talent to WWE. A full review of Wrestle Kingdom 10, what the exodus can mean for 2016, a look at PWG’s first show of 2016, and more. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section or email us at

Newscast 11/24/15 CWF Mid Atlantic, CZW, WSU, AAW, AIW, Beyond Wrestling, Darius Carter & GRRR Review

Happy Thanksgiving week! Jerome Cusson, Chris GST, and Brian Da Brain discuss a ton of results from the weekend including CZW, WSU, CWF Mid Atlantic, and OMEGA. They talk about all the upcoming shows including AAW, AIW, and Beyond who have huge shows this weekend. Darius Carter talks to Chris GST about Tier 1, Beyond Wrestilng TFT 4, Crusade For Change, and more. Then a full review of the Greatest Rivals Round Robin is finally done at your request. Let us know what shows you want us to review next or send feedback to

Newscast 11/10/15 News out of AAW, CHIKARA, ROH, EVOLVE & More

Jerome, Ciara, and Brian are back. They pop some champagne or pour it out on CHIKARA and AAW booking three ways for their respective titles, talk about Elgin’s status with the company, and recap some of the major news out of the weekend. They talk about the busy time that will be done over Thanksgiving weekend. The trio also preview some upcoming shows including ROH Survival of the Fittest and why fans should maybe pay attention to these shows, or not. Send your feedback to

Newscast 11/03/15 Young Bucks Sign with ROH, Elgin Free Agent, GFW Champions, CZW, EVOLVE, & AAW Events

Chris GST, Brian, and Ciara have tons of news to discuss. The Young Bucks signing with ROH, Elgin being a free agent, GFW crowning champions, Ibushi being injured, Lucha Underground Season 2, and a lot more. A fun return for the Newscast. We apologize for the technical issues which have caused the last two to not be distributed but we’re back and lots of fun discussion. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 09/29/15 CHIKARA, NOVA Pro, Gran Akuma Interview, ROH, NJPW, EVOLVE, & More

Jerome, Ciara, Ryan, and Brian are back this week to discuss a number of topics including NJPW, EVOLVE, ROH, CWF Mid Atlantic and more. Kevin joins the discussion to talk about his experiences at NOVA pro and to give some thoughts on the CHIKARA results. Gran Akuma is interviewed about some upcoming shows including Tier 1, Excellence Pro, FIP, On Point and a Charity show. Details for the Charity show will be PWP soon. Send all feedback to

Podcast of Honor 09/15/15 ASE VII Preview, Booking of Adam Cole, & More

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, and Chris Miccio are back to discuss the ups and downs of the recent booking. The usage of Adam Cole, the fun feuds in the undercards, recent event tapings and how they are shaping the overall storylines in the promotion, and more. Then a full preview of the ASE VIII PPV coming up this weekend. Send yoru feedback to

Podcast of Honor 09/03/15 Lethal/Strong, NJPW Relationship, & More

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, & Chris Miccio are finally back to discuss all the news in Ring of Honor including the Strong/Lethal feud, the relationship with NJPW, what is going on in Sept, and much more. The discussion covers the ups and downs of how talents are booked against the NJPW talents and how both sides benefit, or don’t from the match results. They also go down some of the announced matches for upcoming major shows and talk about the return to PPV for ROH. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 08/25/15 NXT Takeover, Divas Revolution, ROH, PWG, Tier 1, Beyond Wrestling & More

Lots of news this week to go over including the NXT Takover special, ROH Field of Honor, news out of NJPW and CZW, and more. Chris GST is joined by Jerome Cusson, Ciara Reid, and Brian to discuss all these topics and more. There is an interview with Tier 1 Wrestling talent J George to discuss is upcoming mixed tag match at the Oct 2nd show. We discuss the fall out from CWF Mid Atlantic’s Heartache Tonight and the finals of the Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup Tournament. To finish the topics we have some of our whacky predictions for PWG BOLA so a lot of fun. Send your feedback to

Newscast 08/18/15 NJPW G1, ROH News, AIW, EVOLVE, DGUSA, & More

Chris GST, Jerome Cusson, and Brian come together to talk the awesomeness that was the G1 Climax finals. Everything from Delirious appearing on it, to Okada announcing he’ll face Tenryu, to Jerome being unabashedly correct about Tanahashi winning (it’s going to be a long year). The trio delve into news about ROH doing joint shows with NJPW and having Final Battle in Philly. The (un)official death of DGUSA and what it means for EVOLVE. AIW, PWG, and more topics round out the discussion. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 07/21/15 NXT vs ROH, NJPW, AAW, ROH, CZW gets PPV, G1, Joe Dombrowski, & More

The Newscast returns with a lot of topics to cover. NXT versus ROH. NJPW and it’s new global initiative. ROH sets #1 contenders. Joe Dombrowski comes on to discuss his Virgil project. CZW gets a PPV deal. and if that isn’t enough, the annual G1 has begun. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 07/06/15 NJPW Dominion Review w Akuma & AIW Aboslution X Preview w Rickey Shane Page

The first in our series from the 12 hour marathon, we cover NJPW Dominion PPV with Gran Akuma and Brian. Talk about some ROH ratings news. Then a full preview for the upcoming AIW Aboslution X show. Lots of fun.

Newscast 05/18/15 ROH/NJPW Results & Live Experience Review


Jerome Cusson speaks with Kevin Ford and Ryan Rozanski this week as they discuss the first three nights of ROH’s joint shows with New Japan. Kevin provides his thoughts and what matches stuck oiut. He also discusses his thoughts on NXT as well. Ryan and Jerome review Global Wars, a fun and watchable show that did not quite stick the landing at times. Later on this week, we’ll preview the 2015 JLIT but enjoy the conversation concerning a huge week in Ring of Honor.

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Podcast of Honor 04/27/15 NJPW Joint Cards, iPPV return, Samoa Joe, & More

Chris GST is joined again by Chris Miccio and Ari Berenstein to discuss all the cards announced for the NJPW-ROH joint shows, what affect it will have going forward, and why it was a good move for ROH to return to iPPV. The trio also discuss Samoa Joe’s lack of ROH return despite taking more bookings, the Briscoes re-signing with ROH, and then delve into some spoiler territory (with fair warning) with the April 25th results. Send your thoughts to

Newscast 04/21/15 NJPW/ROH Matches, EVOLVE, AIW, AAW, Morishima Retires & More

Chris GST and Jerome Cusson return with another big week of news. Results from EVOLVE, FIP, CWF Mid Atlantic, On Point, St Louis Anarchy and more from this past weekend including new champions crowned. ROH releases their War of the Worlds Night 1 card, Takeshi Morishima retires, GFW launches a tour of shows with minor league baseball, House of Hardcore on the Fight Network, AIW JLIT matches, AAW’s upcoming card, and more are all discussed. Send your feedback to

Podcast of Honor 04/2015 Briscoes Staying in ROH, Ciampa Leaving, NJPW, SCoH 9, & More

Chris GST & Ari Berenstein are back to discuss all the news for Ring of Honor. The Briscoes turning down WWE, Ciampa leaving, new NJPW talent announced and so much more. They discuss the runs of Alberto El Patron & Samoa Joe as both are now gone from the company. Delve into thoughts about Supercard of Honor. Where ROH goes after the NJPW joint shows and at the very end discuss some spoilers but give fair warning. Please send your feedback to

Newscast 04/07/15 ROH/NJPW talent, PWG DDT4, New Champions, & So Much More

Chris GST, Jerome Cusson, & Brian are back finally after a 2 week hiatus and there is a lot to get to. PWG had a great show and announced DDT4, ROH has revealed the KRD & some NJPW talent for the joint shows, there are new Champions in NJPW, SHINE and CHIKARA, Nick Gage is getting booked everywhere literally after getting out of prison, and so much more. Why are some indie promotions anti WWE, what ROH did for a serviceman and his son at a recent show, and Uhaa Nation finally at NXT are just a few of the other topics we cover plus we answer your questions. Send your questions and feedback to

Podcast of Honor: Feb 2015 SBG Funding, NJPW Status, Results & More

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, and Chris Miccio are back and there is not a shortage of news and analysis. Discussion on the report of SBG not expanding the budget for ROH, what this means for NJPW talents, what talents would the crew like to see come to ROH if there is a limit, what this means for the product as a whole, and what is the value of the exclusive contracts now in 2015. Lots of other discussion as well including recent results, TV talk, and more. Due to a completely unforseen(heard) issue the last 35 minutes has some static on Chris GST’s end which only occurred on his end. Hopefully that doesn’t ruin the show, but the main first hour plus sounds great. Hope you all enjoy and as always send your thoughts to

Newscast: Early year bad tactics, EVOLVE shows, NJPW on AXS, PWG, RAWlternative, & More

Chris GST and Jerome Cusson are back for the first week of 2015 and they don’t pull any punches. The do talk about some early year bad tactics by some promotions using talents who have some questionable current life choices/situations. They delve into the EVOLVE shows that took place over the weekend and what the wins/losses mean and where they could be headed for Wrestlemania weekend. The NJPW trailer (which can be seen here) from AXS Tv and why it’s probably not such a great thing despite NJPW starting the year off well. #RAWlternative is discussed for next week plus news for PWG, FIP, CZW, and more. Send your thoughts to

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 9 Review

Chris GST brings together an all-star cast for the first podcast of 2015. Senior editor Jerome Cusson, Brian, & TJ Hawke are all here to review one of the biggest shows of the year, and what a show it was. NJPW presented Wrestle Kingdom 9, the crew go over what they liked, what they didn’t like, and there are definitely some surprises you don’t want to miss (like our IWGP Jr Title match talk). We go into other topics as well like the commentary of Jim Ross and Matt Striker. A lot of fun. Send your thoughts to

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 9 Preview

Chris GST is joined by TJ Hawke & Brian to discuss the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 9 PPV from NJPW and Global Force Wrestling. They go match through match giving their predictions along with pros and cons of each match and what they are looking forward to. Lots of fun banter and analysis as to where some of the results could lead to in 2015. Send your feedback to