Newscast 10/18/16 EVOLVE, ROH Results, Nova Pro Preview, and Stuttsy on CWF Mid Atlantic, NXT, and More

Chris GST runs down the results from EVOLVE, ROH Glory By Honor Weekend, and AIW. Then he’s joined by Kevin Ford to discuss the happenings at EVOLVE and a full preview for Nova Pro happening this weekend. Brad Stutts aka Stuttsy joins them to discuss a myriad of topics including the talent from CWF Mid Atlantic to NXT/WWE and their weekly show CWF Worldwide. He answers your questions including what it’s like to write for TV compared to spot shows, if we can expect a big PWI Pro show, Wrestlemania Weekend, and what is his and Kevin Ford’s favorite Survivor Series. Send your feedback to

Newscast 10/11/16 CZW Tangled Web & AAW Jim Lynam Tournament Results + Should ROH Have a Streaming Service & More

Chris GST runs down the major results from the weekend including CZW tangled Web and AAW’s Jim Lynam Tournament. Then a discussion with Brian and Ari Berenstein about some controversial (possibly) words from ACH and his feelings about ROH. The trio then discuss if ROH should start a streaming service. If it’s too late, what the price point should be, and what some combinations could be done in conjunction with WWE. Send your thoughts to

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “Snowballs”

While the focus of the wrestling world will be in Dallas, TX, CHIKARA will be in their usual Philadelphia haunt hosting an old friend: The Tag World Grand Prix tournament! The duo talks about the tournament, who they think will win, and all the non-tournament matches as well. Also: will Justin come to King of Trios? Snow? Enjoy the dessert of PWPonderings Mania podcast week!

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3 Dudes Talking: WrestleMania 32 and NXT Takeover: Dallas Preview Show!

As is tradition, Kevin Ford and his fellow 3DT cohorts Justin Houston and Matt Waters reunite to discuss the showcase of the Immortals: WrestleMania! Join the terrific triumvirate as they discuss WWE’s two big events in excruciating, painstaking detail. In addition to predictions, the three of them talk about where they are in their wrestling fandom today, the future of NXT as a brand and if certain people should be brought up to the main roster or not, what to expect on the RAW after WrestleMania and beyond, and the possibility of the death of not one, but TWO major on screen characters at weekend’s end. Which stable does Justin detest? What about Kevin? Can Zack Ryder realistically win the Intercontinental Championship? Is Matt ever going to see a WrestleMania in person? The only way to find out is to embark on this mammoth aural adventure!

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Newscast 01/20/16 ROH, AAW Results, PWG, CZW, EVOLVE & WWE/NXT & More

Co-Founder Kevin Ford joins Chris, Brian, and Ciara to discuss some changes to PWP, recent news, and results. They group delves into the ROH results, new AAW Champions, and other results from the past weekend. Then they discuss the WWE NXT/EVOLVE shows, news out of CHIKARA, CZW, PWG, and more. Send your thoughts to

Year In Review: A Look Back At 2015

PWP founders Jerome, Kevin, and Chris GST are back with another Year In Review. Rather than a look back at any specific promotion or timeline, the three draw back on some of the major topics that took place in 2015. The distribution of content, the ROH/PWG contractual status, the WWNLive/WWE “relationship”, the MVPs, the moments that stood out, and more. A fun little discussion that we openly admit could possibly just the tip of the iceberg. Send us your thoughts and stand out moments from 2015 @

NXT/Evolve 2015 Year in Review

Jerome Cusson is finally able to record shows again! This time, Jerome sits down with first time podcaster Chris Bacon to discuss the positives and negatives of Evolve and NXT. They discuss the uniqueness of Timothy Thatcher, the greatness of Chris Hero, and some of the break-out stars in the WWN universe. They transition to NXT by discussing some of the rumorz that were such a huge part of 2015 involving a possible relationship. NXT conversation includes a discussion of each division and their strengths/weaknesses.

Newscast 08/25/15 NXT Takeover, Divas Revolution, ROH, PWG, Tier 1, Beyond Wrestling & More

Lots of news this week to go over including the NXT Takover special, ROH Field of Honor, news out of NJPW and CZW, and more. Chris GST is joined by Jerome Cusson, Ciara Reid, and Brian to discuss all these topics and more. There is an interview with Tier 1 Wrestling talent J George to discuss is upcoming mixed tag match at the Oct 2nd show. We discuss the fall out from CWF Mid Atlantic’s Heartache Tonight and the finals of the Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup Tournament. To finish the topics we have some of our whacky predictions for PWG BOLA so a lot of fun. Send your feedback to

Women’s Wrestling Podcast Aug 2015

Jerome, Dave, and Ciara are back for another edition of the podcast. It’s almost a rapidfire edition of the show as they bounce around four major topics. Dave talks about his experience at Geekfest in-depth since women’s wrestling played an important role in the proceedings. Ciara and Dave offer their thoughts on the Diva’s Revolution. Jerome provides his uninformed opinions. Then it’s onto Stardom and Femme Fetales. Ciara talks about what’s going on with each promotion. A great discussion of women’s wrestling as always on PWP.

Newscast 07/21/15 NXT vs ROH, NJPW, AAW, ROH, CZW gets PPV, G1, Joe Dombrowski, & More

The Newscast returns with a lot of topics to cover. NXT versus ROH. NJPW and it’s new global initiative. ROH sets #1 contenders. Joe Dombrowski comes on to discuss his Virgil project. CZW gets a PPV deal. and if that isn’t enough, the annual G1 has begun. Send your thoughts to

Podcast of Honor 07/20/15 Death Before Dishonor XIII Preview, NXT Takeover Brooklyn, & More

Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, and Chris Miccio are back to preview the upcoming Death Before Dishonor XIII iPPV. They also talk about the news coming out of NJPW partnering up with ROH and other promotions to create a global developmental system. Liger going to NXT Takeover in Brooklyn, possible rumors of amped up competitiveness with WWE, and more. Send us your thoughts to

Newscast 04/07/15 ROH/NJPW talent, PWG DDT4, New Champions, & So Much More

Chris GST, Jerome Cusson, & Brian are back finally after a 2 week hiatus and there is a lot to get to. PWG had a great show and announced DDT4, ROH has revealed the KRD & some NJPW talent for the joint shows, there are new Champions in NJPW, SHINE and CHIKARA, Nick Gage is getting booked everywhere literally after getting out of prison, and so much more. Why are some indie promotions anti WWE, what ROH did for a serviceman and his son at a recent show, and Uhaa Nation finally at NXT are just a few of the other topics we cover plus we answer your questions. Send your questions and feedback to

Weekly Newscast 11/13/13 Roland Alexander memories, Chris Hero, DGUSA, PWG and more

Chris GST and Des Delgadillo discuss memories of Roland Alexander and what APW meant to indie wrestling. They then discuss the big news of the week about the release of Chris Hero and the ramifications it’s already having on the indie landscape. Updated DGUSA and PWG cards plus the closing down of Wrestling is Art. Details on upcoming shows for this weekend and more. Send all feedback to

Weekly Newscast 09/04/13 PWG BOLA, ROH, NXT, EVOLE, CWF – MA News

Chris GST is back in the host seat and joins Des for a week packed with news. Brian joins the team to discuss PWG BOLA, the winner, and the shocking aftermath. The trio then talks some EVOLVE Wrestling with the up coming EVOLVE 23 & 24 including the Style Battle tourney and the Swann/Gargano safa continuing. NXT name changes and try out talk is followed by some ROH news with the return of Jay Briscoe and what could happen after Death Before Dishonor. There is also a surprise at the end of the Newscast with an announcement from PWP and another step forward that wouldn’t have been possible without all of you so keep an ear out for that. Enjoy and share. Contact us at

Weekly Newscast 03.13.13 CHIKARA/CZW Results, AIW/VWAA News, Wrestling Reviews

<p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=””><img class=”aligncenter wp-image-23713″ alt=”weeklynewscast031313poster” src=”” width=”350″ height=”525″ /></a></p>
Chris &amp; Des are back to discuss the weekend results for CZW Wanted and both CHIKARA FL shows. They also preview the upcoming VWAA Adapt Or Die &amp; AIW Gauntlet for the Gold 8 shows. They cover the weeks news including the supposed photos of El Generico maskless in NXT and the press release put out about AAA coming to the US. Then they delve into the email bag and talk about what they feel goes into wrestling reviews from questions sent to including if PWP can objectively review promotions they are partnered up with, about whether it’s objective to criticize someone’s review if the product hasn’t been watched, and lots more. Enjoy and feel free to leave your thoughts.

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