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Interested in advertising with PWPonderings? We pride ourselves in being dedicated to Independent Wrestling coverage and spreading the word. We’re fans just like anyone else and our readers/listeners are as passionate about wrestling as we are wanting to seek out pro wrestling beyond the mainstream. Shoot us an email at with Advertising in the subject line and let us work together to bring your eyes to your promotion or website.

What it includes:

  • A constant onsite banner on all pages of our website. 125 by 125 which is seen on all of our Results, Podcast, Review, News, and Column articles all the time.
  • Weekly plugs on our social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter

Our website is seen by thousands of indie wrestling fans every day and our consistent weekly results are used by websites such as,,, and  Our podcasts are generally in the top 10 in iTunes when it comes to searching indie wrestling related queries and in the top 50 on Stitcher which features over 25,000 podcasts.