Author: Chris GST

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Tier 1 Debut Show Press Release

On July 10th, 2015, the influence of a new professional wrestling movement will emerge from the subways, parks, alleyways, and hearts of New York City. Tier 1 Wrestling is a brand new company, created...

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PWP on TuneIn Radio

PWP continues to strive to bring you the best in indie wrestling reporting, results, reviews, and analysis. We have grown so much thanks to all of you and we want to make it easier...

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NCW Femmes Fatales 04/04/15 17 Results

nCw Femmes Fatales 17 4/4/15 Montreal, QC Credit: Our own Dave Muscarella Pre-show Notes: Angie Skye and Bettie Rage are both injured and will not be competing. The 4 way match has turned...