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Jennifer Logsdon is one of those supposedly rare creatures: a female wrestling fan. She got into wrestling the Monday after Wrestlemania XV in 1999 when she happened upon an Undertaker/Vince McMahon/Ministry of Darkness segment and was hooked. Throughout the next year, she branched out to watching WCW (where she became a Daffney fan for life) as well as other promotions. Jennifer first realized there were female wrestlers when she saw Ivory, Luna, Tori and Jacqueline compete in the rare serious match, and she was there when the women's division picked up with the additions of Lita, Molly Holly, Jazz, Victoria, and Gail Kim. It was during this period where her love and appreciation for female wrestling first ignited, and she discovered in 2009 the promotion that would re-ignite her love for wrestling: SHIMMER Women Athletes. This led Jen to the independent scene that replaced WWE as her primary focus. Her first serious foray into writing was for for a few months in late 2010. She then joined when it launched in January 2011 and stayed until February 2012, writing mostly commentary pieces along with pay-per-view reviews. In 2012 she started her own blog "Wrestling Reflections" where she continued to write commentaries with a feminist view. She also joined the online magazine "HONOUR" which focuses on female wrestling. When offered a chance to write for PWP, she fairly jumped at the chance - she has strong opinions but welcomes healthy debate.

Women’s Wrestling Podcast July 2015 w Mia Yim


Our series of podcasts from the 12 hour marathon continues as the Women’s Wrestling Podcast returned along with a very special guest in Mia Yim aka Jade in TNA Impact Wrestling. Lots of news was covered and some previews were done for WSU and other shows. We want to thank Mia Yim for joining us. Right Click HERE to download ... Read More »

Diamonds in the Rough


It’s the holidays, and a lot of us get that “holiday funk” around this time of year. We are inclined to look at the overcrowded malls and shake our head at the materialism run rampant. We look at the food being prepared and think of the leftovers that will invariably go to waste. We sneer at the classic movies that ... Read More »

Evolution Pro Wrestling and IWA Mid South: Wrestling Rebirth in Southern Indiana

Whitmer and Gresham

Wrestling in Southern Indiana has started to experience a resurgence with the creation of one new promotion and the rebirth of an old one. On July 11th, 2013 Evolution Pro Wrestling kicked off it’s first show “Ignition Evolution” and has only gone from strength to strength with each consecutive show. Their most recent one took place in Albion, Illinois on ... Read More »

Galaxy Wrestling 10/13/13 First Contact Live Review


On October 13th, Galaxy Wrestling presented it’s first show in Clarksville, Tennessee. “First Contact” had only a few matches announced beforehand, but the names that had been announced to be there were enough to make me travel the three hours south to see it live. Although I highly enjoyed the show and several of the matches, the small attendance made ... Read More »

VWAA “Last Stop” Show Review

2013-10-06 18

On Sunday, October 6th, Vanguard Wrestling All-Star Alliance (VWAA) put on “Last Stop.” The dominant theme of the show was to see who would advance to the semi-finals of the tournament held to crown a VWAA Champion. Reed Bentley had already advanced, and this show would see the following matches to determine who would join him: Prince Mustafa Ali vs ... Read More »

Road tripping with Sassy Stephanie: A Glimpse into the Independent Wrestling Life


[Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from a blog posted by Jennifer at her personal blog Wrestling Reflections. We wanted to bring some of it here but honestly the full dose is a much more satisfying journey. Go check it out HERE] On Thursday, September 19th, I set off for the home of independent wrestler Sassy Stephanie. I would join ... Read More »

Wrestling is… Emotion

12 - 1

Disclaimer: This article was conceived while watching WWE Summerslam and the aftermath on RAW. However, the overall point can be applied to almost any independent wrestling show. how to buy glasses online “Nothing is wrong with honest emotion.” – Tony Goldwyn One of the reasons I love professional wrestling is because I can immerse myself in it. When I'm watching ... Read More »

Dreamwave Summer Spectacular review


  This won’t be your typical review. To attend this Dreamwave show, it was far away enough that I needed to make a weekend trip out of it. A friend (who actually competed on the show) suggested I document the whole experience, which sounded like a great idea to me. Aside from going to Berwyn, Illinois for SHIMMER Women Athletes ... Read More »

Dreamwave Wrestling 07/13/13 Summer Spectacular results


DreamWave Wrestling Summer Spectacular July 13th, 2013 LaSalle, IL Website: Credit: our very own Jennifer Lynn/ @PocketVolcano Dark match: Nathan Knox def Mallaki Mathews via schoolboy Dark match: 4 way “The weapon of mass seduction” Zane Alexander (?) vs Justice Jones vs Luther vs Jeff O’Shea – Justice Jones pins Jeff O’Shea after a huge powerbomb The Dreamwave Champion, ... Read More »

A Rose By Any Other Name…


When the rumors of El Generico being signed to WWE broke online, there was an immediate outcry, the likes of which had been heard before. It seems every time a high-profile independent name is offered a WWE contract and chooses to sign, fans of said name respond with the same complaints. “They’re going to water down his/her move set!” “WWE ... Read More »

Pro-Wrestling Collision 05.25.13 Survival Mode Live Review


On Saturday, May 25th, several situations came to a head at the latest taping of Pro-Wrestling Collision. The biggest, however, was that “Survival Mode” was the last show for owner Chris Hagstrom, as he had announced he was leaving the company to pursue other paths. On Saturday, he made an emotional farewell speech, detailing how PWC had come to life, ... Read More »

Wrestling is Intense 05.17.13 Live Review


On Friday, May 17th, Robinson, Illinois was the site of the newest “Wrestling Is” promotion: Wrestling is Intense. The card looked interesting and featured some of the best mid-western talent so I drove the three hours. Turns out I was front row for not only a great card but also a witness to an angle that would have an impact ... Read More »

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