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Justin Houston, born in a place many years ago, had parents who did stuff. He was raised in a house with a dog. He went to school and had friends probably. Then he moved because of a bridge or something. The boardwalk had a nice pier and a cockatoo that said "pretty bird!". Then he moved. All the water in the lake dried up and the fishes learned to dance. Then they forgot how. He ate lots of fish. Then he moved. Now he lives near Atlanta, GA, where he has been featured in the Atlanta Film Festival and recently did a tasteful spread for Maxim. He discovered puroresu in late 2005 and began a prolonged physical relationship with it. He then found out about Chikara Pro in early 2006 and fell in a smelly, brown puddle of love. He writes Pushing Puroresu, CHIKARMY Insider, and does Chikara DVD reviews because he enjoys the creative freedom, the melodic, ego-fueling sound of his own words, and because he was very politely asked to write them. He hopes this will lead to a full-time gig as one of the Fly Girls, but seeing as In Living Color has been off the air for over a decade, he's not sure how well that'll work. He'll probably be moving soon.

Rubbed RAW – April 21st, 2014


RAW recap. Some shit about faces and heels. That's it. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – April 7th, 2014


Raw Recap. Literally nothing else. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – March 31st, 2014


RAW Recap. WM30 Rundown. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – March 17th, 2014


RAW recap plus a thing I wrote. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – March 10th, 2014


Hey bozo, Justin Houston here with the newest edition of “Rubbed RAW”. I give-a you the RAW Recap. I make-a it juuuust the way-a you like. Then, I wrote a piece about balls and Triple H and lots of other stuff that has been on my mind. It’s not breaking new territory or anything but it’s what my brain regurgitated ... Read More »

Rubbed RAW – March 3rd, 2014


RAW recap and other shenanigans. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – February 24th, 2014


A Raw recap plus other nonsense. Read More »

Chikara Live Review: May 5th, 2013 in Porterdale, GA!


A live review of --you know what? The title is pretty self explanatory. Read More »

Chikara iPPV Review: High Noon

Chikara Pro's iPPV debut crowns the first ever Grand Champion of CHIKARA! Read More »

First Time Ever: Front Row at Chikara Pro

My thoughts on attending Chikara's "Klunk in Love" LIVE! Read More »

The CHIKARMY Insider Exhibit! (Full Rundown of Next Weekend’s Shows)

A complete preview of Chikara's returns to MA and NY! Read More »

Unleashing The Creative Child Within You

Young Lions Cup IX is this month! Here's a rundown of all 15 verified that one guy who refuses to be thrown out! Read More »

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