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Justin Houston, born in a place many years ago, had parents who did stuff. He was raised in a house with a dog. He went to school and had friends probably. Then he moved because of a bridge or something. The boardwalk had a nice pier and a cockatoo that said "pretty bird!". Then he moved. All the water in the lake dried up and the fishes learned to dance. Then they forgot how. He ate lots of fish. Then he moved. Now he lives near Atlanta, GA, where he has been featured in the Atlanta Film Festival and recently did a tasteful spread for Maxim. He discovered puroresu in late 2005 and began a prolonged physical relationship with it. He then found out about Chikara Pro in early 2006 and fell in a smelly, brown puddle of love. He writes Pushing Puroresu, CHIKARMY Insider, and does Chikara DVD reviews because he enjoys the creative freedom, the melodic, ego-fueling sound of his own words, and because he was very politely asked to write them. He hopes this will lead to a full-time gig as one of the Fly Girls, but seeing as In Living Color has been off the air for over a decade, he's not sure how well that'll work. He'll probably be moving soon.

Poster Boy: How Roman Reigns Was Ruined


  Hello reader, Justin Houston here. Below, I wrote a thing about Roman Reigns and WrestleMania 31 and PG wrestling and a bunch of other stuff. It’s something I would usually take several passes at before posting, polishing thoughts and really making sure points are tethered together well. But if I don’t post this now, it’ll kind of lose its ... Read More »

#CancelWWENetwork: Why This Fan Is Pissed


After the WWE’s 28th annual Royal Rumble concluded last night, several names and phrases associated with the WWE were trending on Twitter. “Roman Reigns” was trending, naturally. He did just win the Royal Rumble, catapulting himself into the main event of WrestleMania. “Batista” was trending, last year’s Rumble winner who beat Reigns as the last man in the ring to ... Read More »

Rubbed RAW – August 11th, 2014


Justin Houston here with a bangarang edition of Rubbed RAW! This week, it’s the RAW Recap, same as every goddamn week. This shouldn’t need explaining. READ MY SHIT!   ~~~~~   RAW Recap – It’s Hulk Hogan’s birthday today and the entrance ramp is littered with red and yellow presents! So naturally we kick the show off with…Brock Lesnar! Paul ... Read More »

Rubbed RAW – August 4th, 2014


8/4 Raw Results Read More »

Rubbed RAW – July 28th, 2014


7/28 Raw Results. A zillion other things. Not really. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – July 21st, 2014


Recap of the 7/21 RAW. Obviously. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – July 14th, 2014


7/14 Raw Recap + The final WWE firings! BURN IT ALL DOWN! Read More »

Rubbed RAW – June 30th, 2014


6/30 Raw Recap + WWE Firings: Part Third Part Read More »

Rubbed RAW – June 23rd, 2014


6/23 Raw Recap + Round 2 of future WWE firings. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – June 16th, 2014


RAW Recap. Reasonable thoughts on recent WWE firings. A wholesome edition. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – June 9th, 2014


6/9 RAW Recap. Read More »

Rubbed RAW – June 2nd, 2014


RAW Recap. A million dollar giveaway just kidding. Read More »

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