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Kevin Ford has been a wrestling fan for as long as he can remember. His first legitimate writing gig was with the now defunct ‘Cool Kids Table’ website where Kevin wrote about Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, and did CHIKARA DVD reviews. Kevin continues to write CHIKARA reviews at and has an entire blog dedicated to CHIKARA reviews ( Kevin is one of the co-founders of PWP and a mainstay on podcasts, including the weekly "Fan to Fan" show, the Adventure Time centric "Flooping the Pig", and less frequent shows such as ¡VIVA CHIKARA! and 3 Dudes Talking. Kevin also pens DVD reviews for Absolute Intense Wrestling and Beyond Wrestling. He also loves films and television, They Might Be Giants, Yuengling, and pizza. He hopes this combination will bring him success in his life.

Flooping the Pig Episode 35 – “500 Days of Flame Princess”


Finn begins the healing process by helping Slime Princess chase away an evil outsider, fighting his way through a dungeon train, and helping his brother eat reclaim the world’s most perfect sandwich. Kevin Ford, Brad Garoon, and Justin Houston break it all down for you in this week’s episode of Adventure Time examination. Right Click HERE to download this episode ... Read More »

AIW “Wrestle Rager 2014 Night 1″ Review


“Wrestle Rager” looked to be AIW’s most ambitious weekend yet. Never had the company run a tripleshot before, but with a bevy of guest stars, some debuting talent, and the usual great talent their roster boasts, it was an undertaking at least worth giving a try. Who knows? Perhaps it would become an annual wrestling party in Cleveland. Brent Banks ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 34 – “Finn’s Fiery Loins”


This week, Flooping the Pig takes a very special look at puberty as interpreted by Adventure Time. Brad Garoon, Kevin Ford, and Justin Houston discuss Finn’s break up with Flame Princess, his attempted backslide with Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess’ maturity, and all the confirmation anyone ever needed to know that Bubblegum and Marceline used to do the nasty.​ Right Click ... Read More »

AIW “Failure By Design” Review


This is the first regular AIW show since “Absolution IX”, and after a solid card there and two unique cards just a couple weeks prior, it would be interesting to see what direction AIW would be heading forward with a big triple shot weekend just around the corner. Brent Banks got a big opportunity against #AllEgo at “All In”, and ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “North Carolina Jim Carrey”


Justin and Kevin return for even more CHIKARA talk. This month’s episode is chock full of topics, including their thoughts on King of Trios 2014, this year’s Young Lions Cup field, and full rundowns of CHIKARA’s shows in North Carolina in Virginia! Whose walking away with points? Whose walking away with belts? Fruit baskets? Grab yourself a Cook Out milkshake ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 33 – “Adolescent Energy”


This week, Brad, Kevin, and Justin cross the threshold into the latter half of Season 5. Justin and Brad discuss whether or not Finn wearing Jake as a suit is in or out of character for the last boy in Ooo, Jake and Finn on a buddy cop adventure, and a suicidal BMO? Plus some fun guest voices and the ... Read More »

AIW “Battle of the Sexes” Review


Remember Real World: Battle of the Sexes? When Puck spit in David’s face? It was a pretty great show. Well, it was great when I watched in 2001/2002. This show is similar, in that it’s men vs. women, but there’s way less kissing and a lot more violence. That makes it better in certain respects right? Let’s find out. There’s ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 32 – “Tranch”

tranch (1)

Flooping the Pig is back, deep into season 5 of Adventure Time. Brad Garoon, Kevin Ford, and Justin Houston discuss the first utterance of the insult “tranch,” the scope of a spell from an ancient Egyptian diety, and the merits of lemon cannibalism, among other things.​ Right Click HERE to download this episode To get this and all of our ... Read More »

AIW “All In” Review

AIW All In

“All In” is a similar concept to ROH’s “Do or Die” events from about a decade ago, or similar to AIW’s “Absolute Opportunity” matches, where someone making their debut for the company or is looking for the chance to breakout either squaring off with someone of a similar stature, or someone who is well established in the company, in the ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 31 – “Take Refuge in My Body”


Kevin Ford, Brad Garoon, and Justin Houston are back from vacation to talk to YOU about Adventure Time. They get into the beginning of “Weird Adventure Time,” discussing a horse named James Baxter, a silent treehouse, and the inside of a princess’ bounce house body. As promised in the podcast, here is Princess Noire: Right Click HERE to download ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – King of Trios 2014 Spectacular


It’s back! The biggest tournament in CHIKARA has returned and so has VIVA CHIKARA. Justin and Kevin run down all the first round matches and give their predictions on who will win the entire tournament. They also discuss the Rey de Voladores tournament and non-tournament bouts as well. Justin also gives his thoughts on some of the newer CHIKARA guys ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 30 – “More Fluff Than Sense”


Enjoy this episode of Flooping the Pig, because Brad Garoon, Kevin Ford, and Justin Houston are taking a break for a couple of weeks after this to recharge their Adventure Batteries. This week, they talk about a couple of all-time favorite episodes in Simon & Marcy and Puhoy, as well examine the weirdness of the Great Bird Man and the ... Read More »

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