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Kevin Ford has been a wrestling fan for as long as he can remember. His first legitimate writing gig was with the now defunct ‘Cool Kids Table’ website where Kevin wrote about Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, and did CHIKARA DVD reviews. Kevin continues to write CHIKARA reviews at and has an entire blog dedicated to CHIKARA reviews ( Kevin is one of the co-founders of PWP and a mainstay on podcasts, including the weekly "Fan to Fan" show, the Adventure Time centric "Flooping the Pig", and less frequent shows such as ¡VIVA CHIKARA! and 3 Dudes Talking. Kevin also pens DVD reviews for Absolute Intense Wrestling and Beyond Wrestling. He also loves films and television, They Might Be Giants, Yuengling, and pizza. He hopes this combination will bring him success in his life.

Flooping the Pig Episode 21 – Dream of Dumb


The Cool Kids finally tackle the very worst episode of Adventure Time. They also cover the strangeness that is Web Weirdos and the epic double Nightosphere episode. Forgive the ambient noise coming from Washington Square Park in New York City and enjoy the rage. ​ Right Click HERE to download this episode To get this and all of our weekly ... Read More »

Fan to Fan Episode 36 – Justin Houston


Justin Houston is a very opinionated man – very opinionated. Kevin and Justin shoot the breeze for two hours on a lot of stuff, but mostly Justin vents his frustrations with the WWE and Triple H, which gives MANY interesting insights onto how he feels as a fan of professional wrestling. Other topics include pranks, Vince McMahon, LOST, his infatuation ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 20 – “Kee Oth Rama Pancake”


The Cool Kids wrap up Season 3 of Adventure Time and usher in Season 4 with a look at the epic that is Finn’s love life. They also talk about the show’s ability to handle puberty and Daddy issues, why it’s better at long-term storytelling than most other shows, and how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. could learn a thing or two ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 19 – The 50th Dead World


The Cool Kids had a few technical difficulties on this episode, so please cut them some slack as they try to power through. Discussed in this week’s episode are a pair of the tightest scripts in Adventure Time’s history, sentient ham sandwiches, Jessica Chastain, and Ooo’s version of the afterlife. Get on it.​ Right Click HERE to download this episode ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “You Only YOLO Once”


As of Sunday, CHIKARA is back! Justin Houston and Kevin Ford have regrouped to bring you a full fledged preview of “You Only Live Twice” presented on iPPV this Sunday. Not only that, but the duo discusses other facets of CHIKARA that have surfaced since National Pro Wrestling. These topics include: Kevin’s thoughts with the “Ashes of CHIKARA” film, “Rudo ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 18 – Drama Bomb 2


The Cool Kids take on the beginning of the Simon Petrikov epic. They also talk life and death, experimental episodes of Adventure Time, prestigious awards, and the dark hell that is a juice cleanse. Giddy up! Right Click HERE to download this episode To get this and all of our weekly exclusive podcasts subscribe to us on iTunes right now ... Read More »

Fan to Fan Episode 35 – Chris GST


It takes a lot of time and hard work to keep a website running. Thankfully, Pro Wrestling Ponderings has Chris GST to keep the lights on, and other cliches! Chris and Kevin talk about wrestling fans and their video collections, becoming a fan of the Indies, Ring of Honor, the state of California, and of course, lots of inside talk ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 17 – So Hot It’s Stupid


Episode 17 of Flooping the Pig sees the Cool Kids debate the heritage of Susan Strong, the prospects of Me-Mow returning to the show, comic books, a spot of wrestling jargon, and a whole bunch of Season 3 Adventure Time quality episodes. It’s so hot it’s stupid.​ Right Click HERE to download this episode To get this and all of ... Read More »

Fan to Fan Episode 34 – Jerome Cusson


Two of the co-founders of Pro Wrestling Ponderings sit down to discuss the fifth year anniversary of the website. Travel back in time to hear about how the website came about, initial plans, how those plans have changed, and some inside scoops on the inner workings and history of PWP. Of course, Jerome talks about growing up a fan of ... Read More »

Fan to Fan Episode 33 – Brad Garoon


You literally would not be listening to this podcast right now if it were not for this weeks guest. Kevin and his BFF Brad talk about why that is. The duo discusses Brad’s fandom growing up, evolving into the Indies, living with Jimmy Jacobs and stories of multiple wrestlers who have crossed his paths over the years. They also talk ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 15 – Unacceptable


This week’s episode of Flooping the Pig is all Lemongrab, all the time. You can decide for yourself if that’s totally gross or crazy seeyick. The Cool Kids aren’t of one mind on the subject. Give it a listen and choose a Lemonside.​ Right Click HERE to download this episode To get this and all of our weekly exclusive podcasts ... Read More »

Fan to Fan Episode 32 – Larry Csonka


Webmaster of 411 Mania’s Wrestling and MMA sites Larry Csonka sits down with Kevin to talk all the joys and woes of running a popular wrestling (and pop culture) website! All the fun things like commenters, proper credit on articles, and much more are discussed. Of course, Larry’s wrestling fandom is also talked about, specifically growing up as an NWA ... Read More »

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