Author: Ryan Rozanski

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UGW: Spellbound Review

September 5th, 2015 Opening Match: Draconis vs. Rey Furia Furia lands a somersault plancha to the floor before the opening bell. He hits a corner cannonball against the guardrail. Draconis hip tosses him back...

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ROH 9/30/15 Television Recap

September 30th, 2015 Match #1: Matt Sydal vs. KUSHIDA They trade control on the mat and exchange armdrags. KUSHIDA cartwheels out of a hurricanrana attempt and connects with a basement dropkick. Sydal responds with...

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ROH 9/23/15 Television Recap

September 23, 2015 Match #1: Silas Young vs. Michael Elgin These two have a long history together outside of Ring of Honor. Elgin military presses Young to the canvas and hits a delayed vertical...