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Ryan Rozanskii has been a professional wrestling fan since he was six years old. His first memory of it comes from witnessing Scott Hall win a sixty-man battle royal at WCW World War 3. Of course, that was before alcohol became a problem for Scott. Speaking of alcohol, Ryan is a youngster…not even old enough to consume alcoholic beverages. However, Ryan has used swear words to describe how much he loves Pro Wrestling Ponderings. That is something he’ll never try again, due to the risk of possibly being grounded by his parents. Some people compare Ryan to Butters from South Park. Currently, that comparison has yet to have any legitimacy.

DGUSA: Way of the Ronin 2014 Review


Way of the Ronin on February 23rd, 2014 in Brooklyn, New York Opening Match: Tim Donst vs. Caleb Konley Donst won last night, so now he gets to face off against a regular roster member. This isn’t groundbreaking booking but it makes sense. Donst shows his dominance on the mat early on. Konley creates an opening with a dropkick and ... Read More »

DGUSA: REVOLT! 2014 Review


REVOLT! on February 22nd, 2014 in Queens, New York Opening Match: Tim Donst vs. Chris Dickinson This looks a lot like a New Talent Initiative. Well, that’s because it is! Of course, everyone remembers Dickinson’s promos from the early EVOLVE shows so the “New” part is up for debate. They trade control on the mat and neither man can gain ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: The Fight Before Christmas 2013 Review

Fight Before Christmas

The Fight Before Christmas on December 7th, 2013 There is a pre-show battle royal included on this release. However, with a lack of familiarity with all of the talents’ names along with no commentary, it would be incredibly difficult for me to do play-by-play. The match ends with Ace Martino sneakily eliminating Justice Jones for the victory. Opening Match: Arik ... Read More »

EVOLVE 27 Review


EVOLVE 27 on January 12th, 2014 in Jacksonville, Florida Opening Match: Caleb Konley vs. Lince Dorado Konley was supposed to be in the FIP scramble, but he demanded a rematch against Dorado. The crowd uses balls of yarn as streamers for Dorado, which is awesome. It takes multiple ring crew members to remove the yarn. Konley could not be more ... Read More »

EVOLVE 26 Review


EVOLVE 26 on January 11th, 2014 in Orlando, Florida Opening Match: Su Yung vs. Mia Yim This is a SHINE showcase match. Yung attacks from behind but Yim fights her off. She irish whips Yung into the guardrail. A distraction by Anthony Nese allows Yung to land a rolling senton off the apron. It’s odd that Nese would tell Yung ... Read More »

EVOLVE 25 Review


EVOLVE 25 on January 10th, 2014 in Ybor City, Florida Opening Match: FIP World Heavyweight Title: Trent Baretta © vs. Anthony Nese Neither man can gain any advantage on the mat. They battle over a knucklelock and Baretta snaps off a hurricanrana. Nese responds with a hurricanrana of his own. Baretta lays in a few stiff chops. Nese yanks him ... Read More »

IWC: Winner Takes All 2013 Review

Winner Takes All

Winner Takes All on December 14th, 2013 Opening Match: IWC Tag Team Titles: Elimination: Jimmy Nutts and Joseph Brooks © vs. Colin Delaney and Keith Haught vs. Chest Flexor and Brian McDowell vs. Marshall Gambino and Bronco McBride Haught outsmarts Brooks early on and frustrates him. McBride hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Haught while Marshall follows with a mere punch ... Read More »

FIP: Violence is the Answer 2013 Review

Violence is the Answer

Violence is the Answer 2013 on December 7th, 2013 in Ybor City, Florida Opening Match: David Starr vs. Josh Hess Mister Saint Laurent is back at ringside scouting Starr. Laurent claims that he will soon have control of the FIP World Heavyweight Title. Lenny Leonard once again calls Hess “John Hess.” If this is a running joke that started before ... Read More »

FIP: In Full Force 2013 Review

In Full Force

In Full Force 2013 on December 6th, 2013 in Orlando, Florida The show begins with Roderick Strong coming out for an in-ring interview. Strong says that his primary goal is to win championships in Full Impact Pro. Larry Dallas and the Bravados interrupt. Dallas informs Strong that he is the king of the promotion now and offers him a spot ... Read More »

IWC: Combat in Clearfield 5 Review


Combat in Clearfield 5 on November 9th, 2013 Opening Match: IWC Super Indy Title: Shiima Xion © vs. Facade Facade gets the better of an opening exchange. Xion has a bad history with Clearfield crowds, so he’s always a heel in this building. He becomes very angry after Facade pulls his hair and steals his hairspray. Facade connects with a ... Read More »

DGUSA: Fearless 2013 Review


Fearless on November 16th, 2013 in Elmhurst, New York Opening Match: Jon Davis vs. Earl Cooter Davis seems to be underestimating Cooter early on. Will this come back to bite Davis? Davis hits a backbreaker-german suplex combination and follows with a lariat. Davis connects with a running knee strike and hits Three Seconds Around the World for the win at ... Read More »

IWC: Retro Reunion Review

Retro Reunion

Retro Reunion on October 19th, 2013 Opening Match: Paul London and Jordan Lennox vs. Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews London was a last-minute addition but certainly helps the “Retro Reunion” concept. Dunne and Lennox begin with some chain wrestling. Team UK start working over Lennox’s left arm. Lennox is really showing some great mat wrestling here. London double stomps Dunne’s ... Read More »

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