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Ryan Rozanskii has been a professional wrestling fan since he was six years old. His first memory of it comes from witnessing Scott Hall win a sixty-man battle royal at WCW World War 3. Of course, that was before alcohol became a problem for Scott. Speaking of alcohol, Ryan is a youngster…not even old enough to consume alcoholic beverages. However, Ryan has used swear words to describe how much he loves Pro Wrestling Ponderings. That is something he’ll never try again, due to the risk of possibly being grounded by his parents. Some people compare Ryan to Butters from South Park. Currently, that comparison has yet to have any legitimacy.

DREAMWAVE: Road to Anniversary: Misfortune Review

Road to Anniversary: Misfortune on March 1st, 2014 Pre-Show Match: Jack Jameson vs. Nate Knox Jameson slaps Knox across the face to escape a wristlock. Knox reapplies the wristlock and adds a few kicks. He stands on top of Jameson’s back and hits a senton. Knox snaps off a few armdrags and Jameson retreats to the floor. Jameson regroups in ... Read More »

IWC: Uncivil War 2014 Review


Uncivil War on March 22nd, 2014 Dalton Castle comes out to start the show. He makes a comment about the building being filthy that is actually muted from the DVD. Corey Futuristic quickly interrupts. Futuristic is angry once again because he doesn’t have a match on the card. Castle informs him that he’ll setup a match to take place later ... Read More »

DGUSA 04/05/14 Mercury Rising 2014 iPPV Results & Review

Mercury Rising 2014

Opening Match: First Round: Chris Hero, Masato Tanaka, and Roderick Strong vs. Ricochet, Rich Swann, and AR Fox Hero, Tanaka, and Strong playfully tease roaring elbows before the opening bell. Hero gets the better of Ricochet in an early exchange and hits a senton. Strong enters the ring and Ricochet tags in Swann. Strong and Swann are FIP Tag Team ... Read More »

DGUSA Open the Ultimate Gate 04/04/14 iPPV Review

Open the Ultimate Gate

The show will be starting fifteen minutes late after 2014: A Wrestling Odyssey started nearly thirty minutes late earlier. Why does this keep happening? Opening Match: Open the United Gate Tag Team Titles: Harlem and Lance Bravado © vs. Anthony Nese and Caleb Konley Colt Cabana is on commentary. Lance traps Konley in a surfboard but gets backed into the ... Read More »

EVOLVE 28 04/03/14 iPPV Review


Ryan Rozanski takes a look at the latest event from EVOLVE. What did he think about Chris Hero vs Trent Barreta, did this event live up when compared to past EVOLVE events? Lots of questions, and perhaps not enough answers offered from EVOLVE during Wrestlemania 30 weekend. Read More »

IWC: Combat in Clearfield 6 Review


Combat in Clearfield 6 on March 1st, 2014 Opening Match: Andrew Palace vs. Sebastian Palace lets Sebastian know that he’s the first qualifier for Super Indy. Sebastian lays in a few punches and connects with a dropkick. Palace retreats to the apron, where he misses a seated senton. Sebastian takes him to the floor with a tiger feint kick. Palace ... Read More »

FIP: Ascension 2014 Review


Ascension on March 15th, 2014 in Orlando, Florida Opening Match: Gary Jay vs. Aaron Epic They trade counters on the mat and find themselves at a stalemate. Jay snaps off a hurricanrana and connects with a flying double stomp. He adds a basement dropkick. Epic ties him up in the ropes and connects with a kick to the face. Epic ... Read More »

FIP: Everything Burns 2014 Review

Everything Burns

Everything Burns on March 14th, 2014 in Ybor City, Florida Mister Saint Laurent comes out to start the show. He is not happy because he does not control the FIP World Heavyweight Title. Saint Laurent will be adding a new member to his group tonight. Kennedy Kendrick is announced as the new member. Larry Dallas interrupts and gets into an ... Read More »

IWC: A New Era Review

A New Era

A New Era on February 22nd, 2014 Dalton Castle, the new IWC World Heavyweight Champion, comes out to start the show. IWC is entering a “new era” tonight with Castle representing the promotion as champion. Castle says that he doesn’t care who he faces tonight because he’s never giving up his title. Corey Futuristic interrupts and says that he already ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: Season Premiere 2014 Review

Season Premiere

Season Premiere on February 1st, 2014 Pre-Show Match: Nate Knox vs. Ruff Crossing They trade chops. Crossing avoids a charge and slams Knox out of the corner. Knox hits a chinbreaker but runs into a backbreaker. Crossing follows with a butterfly backbreaker and connects with a bicycle kick. Crossing hits a tombstone for the win at 3:14. This match wasn’t ... Read More »

DGUSA: Way of the Ronin 2014 Review


Way of the Ronin on February 23rd, 2014 in Brooklyn, New York Opening Match: Tim Donst vs. Caleb Konley Donst won last night, so now he gets to face off against a regular roster member. This isn’t groundbreaking booking but it makes sense. Donst shows his dominance on the mat early on. Konley creates an opening with a dropkick and ... Read More »

DGUSA: REVOLT! 2014 Review


REVOLT! on February 22nd, 2014 in Queens, New York Opening Match: Tim Donst vs. Chris Dickinson This looks a lot like a New Talent Initiative. Well, that’s because it is! Of course, everyone remembers Dickinson’s promos from the early EVOLVE shows so the “New” part is up for debate. They trade control on the mat and neither man can gain ... Read More »

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