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Papa Awards – My Favorite People, Events, and Promotions of 2016

Wrestling has always been a cyclical affair with me. It has its seasons and patterns that roll through the year with an oddly comforting regularity. We are all accustomed to the watershed events that dot the calendar and many of us look forward with glee to the season that is upon us now. It is pro wrestling awards season! The time to pick the best or the worst or the most improved or the whatever. ┬áMy anticipation and interest in the graps reaches a fever pitch this time of year….

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The Best Future of Independent Wrestling, Words and Conduct Matter

Not many people have the opportunity to travel extensively around the vast world of independent professional wrestling. They often are afflicted by constraints such as careers, school, and family responsibilities. While I heartily affirm their dedication to the aforementioned tasks, my current status frees me from all such considerations. In short, I am a wandering nomad constantly searching for my next fix of live independent pro graps. Largely because I have had the rare good fortune to travel so frequently to so many different shows and promotions in the past…

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