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Jerome Cusson is the senior editor and co-founder of Pro Wrestling Ponderings. He is extremely jealous that he didn’t come up with the name of the site and Kevin Ford did. Thankfully, he’ll eventually be able to buy a golden boat with all the money he’ll make from the website. He started his writing career at 411 where he was berated by angry ROH fans for not liking Age of the Fall and South Park fans for not loving every episode. He moved on to The Cool Kids Table until it died a sudden death. His other interests include Chicago sports teams and trying to watch good movies. You can see why he watches so much wrestling.

Kevin Ford has been a wrestling fan for as long as he can remember. His first legitimate writing gig was with the now defunct ‘Cool Kids Table’ website where Kevin wrote about Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, and did CHIKARA DVD reviews. Kevin continues to write about CHIKARA at and has an entire blog dedicated to CHIKARA reviews ( Here at PWP, Kevin serves as a co-founder and mainstay on the podcasts. Kevin also contributes various reviews on wrestling books, movies, and shoot interviews, and an occasional independent wrestling DVD review here or there. He also loves films/television, They Might Be Giants, Fat Tire beer, and Chipotle. He hopes this combination will bring him success in his life.

Chris Gee Schoon-Tong is not only the web master for but also contributes to several other wrestling related sites as well. He was the creator of the first official Ring of Honor group on the net that is still listed on the ROH website. His interest in pro wrestling has grown since the age of seven and probably, he could be called the historian of pro wrestling on the site. The Strikes & Bumps blog as well as general Indy News are his specialties.

Matt Waters became a wrestling fan through the 1990s WWF video games. He didn’t know who on earth Austin was, but he knew playing as him was a very good thing. He got on board with the televised iteration of the pseudo-sport at age 10. Eleven years later and Matt is combining this with his other main passion (writing) to contribute ROH On HDNet recaps to Pro Wrestling Ponderings. He also maintains a blog dedicated to Ring of Honor which features opinion pieces, rants and whatever the hell else he feels like. Kevin Ford believes Matt looks like Pinkie Sanchez. As of this writing Matt does not shoot up on copious amounts of drugs and have visions of imaginary cyborgs.

Justin Houston, born in a place many years ago, had parents who did stuff. He was raised in a house with a dog. He went to school and had friends probably. Then he moved because of a bridge or something. The boardwalk had a nice pier and a cockatoo that said “pretty bird!”. Then he moved. All the water in the lake dried up and the fishes learned to dance. Then they forgot how. He ate lots of fish. Then he moved. Now he lives near Atlanta, GA, where he has been featured in the Atlanta Film Festival and recently did a tasteful spread for Maxim. He discovered puroresu in late 2005 and began a prolonged physical relationship with it. He then found out about Chikara Pro in early 2006 and fell in a smelly, brown puddle of love. He writes Pushing Puroresu, CHIKARMY Insider, does Chikara DVD reviews and may start doing RAW Recaps and WWE PPV Reviews because he enjoys the creative freedom, the melodic, ego-fueling sound of his own words, and because he was very politely asked to write them. He hopes this will lead to a cushy job as The Sandman’s personal trainer, but he’s not sure how exactly that’s going to work. He’s moving soon.

Ryan Rozanskii has been a professional wrestling fan since he was six years old. His first memory of it comes from witnessing Scott Hall win a sixty-man battle royal at WCW World War 3. Of course, that was before alcohol became a problem for Scott. Speaking of alcohol, Ryan is a youngster…not even old enough to consume alcoholic beverages. However, Ryan has used swear words to describe how much he loves Pro Wrestling Ponderings. That is something he’ll never try again, due to the risk of possibly being grounded by his parents. Some people compare Ryan to Butters from South Park. Currently, that comparison has yet to have any legitimacy.

Justin Ruff grew up in the city of Arlington, Texas and has been a wrestling fan since 1996 at the height of the Dungeon of Doom. (Please don’t judge him.) He started going to his local indy and blogging about what he saw, and then it kind of took off. Then he discovered there was a whole world of indies out there waiting to be explored. He lives with his wife and daughter, his SHIMMER-watching buddy. His interests include spending time with his family, Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, MMA & films of all kind.

Jer Polk grew up in “Flair Country” Charlotte, NC. I became a wrestling fan as soon as I was old enough for my older brothers to put me in front of a TV, Circa 1985. My first lasting memory was Tully Blanchard & Magnum TA in an “I Quit” Cage match. From then on I became a fan of heels & remain one today. Searching for an alternative to the predictable WWE of the last few years, brought me to great indy promotions like ROH, PWG, and local promotions in the Carolinas such as Pro Wrestling Evo, PWX, & CWF Mid Atlantic. Over the last 3 years Independent Wrestling has become my truest passion & I’m honored to get to watch, speak to, and report on some of the best talent on the indies on a regular basis. Away from the wrestling world I am a lifelong, diehard Chicago Bears fan & a huge fan of movies.

Jennifer Logsdon is one of those supposedly rare creatures: a female wrestling fan. She got into wrestling the Monday after Wrestlemania XV in 1999 when she happened upon an Undertaker/Vince McMahon/Ministry of Darkness segment and was hooked. So much so she convinced her mother to purchase the Wrestlemania replay on Tuesday. Throughout the next year, she branched out to watching WCW in it’s dying days (where she became a Daffney fan for life), ECW, but remained loyal to the WWF/WWE. Jennifer first realized there were female wrestlers when she saw Ivory, Luna, Tori and Jacqueline compete in the rare serious match, and she was there when the women’s division picked up with the additions of Lita, Molly Holly, Trish Stratus, Jazz, Victoria, and Gail Kim. It was during this period where her love and appreciation for female wrestling first ignited, and although the flame would become close to going out during the Diva Search years, she would watch the rise and fall of the TNA Knockouts division and finally discover the promotion in 2009 that would re-ignite her love for female wrestling: SHIMMER Women Athletes. This lead Jen to the independent scene that replaced WWE as her primary focus. Her first serious foray into writing was for for a few months in late 2010. She then joined when it launched in January 2011 and stayed until February 2012, writing mostly commentary pieces along with pay-per-view reviews. In 2012 she started her own blog “Wrestling Reflections” where she continued to write commentaries with a feminist view. She also joined the online magazine “HONOUR” which focuses on female wrestling. When offered a chance to write for PWP, she fairly jumped at the chance – she has strong opinions but welcomes healthy debate.

Chris Bacon has been a wrestling fan for as long as he can remember, partially due to a terrible memory. After many childhood years of renting VHS tapes repeatedly, reading magazines constantly and scrounging VHS recordings of PPVs from school friends he has things much easier now. His tastes have refined slightly since then, thanks to discovering independent and Japanese professional wrestling, but still likes to enjoy things for ironic and questionable reasons more than he perhaps should. Which explains why he recaps WWE without being consumed by the bitterness and rage that usually accompany the job. Most of the time. His one claim to wrestling fame is winning a contest to name a CHIKARA show a few years ago. He wishes his bad puns and eye rolling wordplay would come in handy more often, but still wears the free t-shirt.

Barry Murphy is a 21 year old journalism student with a passion for all things wrestling. Like many, it was a childhood interest that never really went away, and in fact only grew as time went on. After becoming more and more disinterested in the ‘mainstream’ wrestling shows, Barry decided to give independents a chance just a few years ago, after many years of buzz and hype. It was initially CHIKARA Pro that made him a fan, but since then Barry has become an avid follower of PWG, Dragon Gate, ROH, CHIKARA, and many, many more.

Lee Goodfellow Converted to the pseudo sport in 1999 by Goldberg and the Filthy Animals, Lee’s wrestling fandom these days is almost entirely devoted to Dragon Gate. When he isn’t busy explaining convoluted storylines about dolphins and penguins to Chris GST, he’s either writing for Calling Spots magazine, reading comics or playing guitar in Zombiehater.

Honorable Mention

Without Brad Garoon there would be no Pro Wrestling Ponderings, and he’s not sure whether or not he’s proud of that fact. Brad was the founding father of The Cool Kids’ Table, where Jerome Cusson and Kevin Ford got their starts. It was there that he developed his current unhealthy obsession with Dragon Gate. After allowing The Cool Kids’ Table to run its course, Brad kept his creativity flowing at his blog Open the Garoon Gate ( There you can find every Dragon Gate review Brad has ever written. Here at Pro Wrestling Ponderings you can find his Dragon Gate Infinity, PPV and Dragon Gate USA reviews. There is nothing more important to Brad than Dragon Gate, so don’t ask him about anything else.

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