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AAW: Take No Prisoners 2016 Review

May 6th, 2016 Opening Match:  Heidi Lovelace vs. Kimber Lee They trade quick pin attempts to no avail.  They exchange armdrags and find themselves at a stalemate.  Lovelace wins a strike exchange with a...

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ROH-5/18/16 Another week, another lame duck episode from the folks of Ring of Honor. This week’s episode featured an hour long retrospective on Jay Lethal’s rise to prominence in ROH. After a well produced...

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AIW Girls’ Night Out 17 Review

Taped from Cleveland, Ohio Commentators: Matt Wadsworth, Marti Belle, Dick Justice, Barrage of promos. WWE’s edict to the women of the indies to work on promos should be taken seriously by many of these...