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AIW “Wrestle Rager 2014 Night 1″ Review


“Wrestle Rager” looked to be AIW’s most ambitious weekend yet. Never had the company run a tripleshot before, but with a bevy of guest stars, some debuting talent, and the usual great talent their roster boasts, it was an undertaking at least worth giving a try. Who knows? Perhaps it would become an annual wrestling party in Cleveland. Brent Banks ... Read More »

CHIKARA 2014 King of Trios Night 1 Review


September 19, 2014 Easton, Pennsylvania   Commentators: Mike Quackenbush, Sean Waltman, Leonard F. Chikarason, & Bryce Remsburg   King Of Trios 2014 First Round Match Team UK (Damian Dunne, Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne) vs. The Bloc Party (Mr. Azerbaijan, Prakash Sabar & The Proletariat Boar Of Moldova) Story of the Match: Mark Andrews is incredibly exciting to watch. I’ve ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: Adversity 2014 Review


Adversity on August 2nd, 2014 Opening Match: DREAMWAVE Alternative Title: Lince Dorado © vs. Jigsaw Dorado sends Jigsaw to the floor with a hurricanrana. Back in, Jigsaw connects with a double stomp. Dorado hits a stunner and connects with a handspring back elbow. Jigsaw runs into a gamengiri and Dorado lands a flying crossbody. Jigsaw connects with a bicycle kick ... Read More »

AIW “Failure By Design” Review


This is the first regular AIW show since “Absolution IX”, and after a solid card there and two unique cards just a couple weeks prior, it would be interesting to see what direction AIW would be heading forward with a big triple shot weekend just around the corner. Brent Banks got a big opportunity against #AllEgo at “All In”, and ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling Critical Acclaim Raw Footage Review


Stockade defeats Ryan Rush, Francis Kip Stevens, and Jesse Vane. Stockade pins Vade after catching him with a spear./5:32/*1/2 Just being able to watch this footage in HD is already making a difference. Incredible how much better video and audio quality make a difference. These are four NYWC students. If we’re playing the “Which one of these doesn’t belong” then ... Read More »

CZW: Deja Vu 2014 Review

Deja Vu

  September 27th, 2014 Opening Match: Mason Price vs. The Preacher It’s very easy to tell these two apart (The Preacher is wearing black and praying). Preacher dropkicks Price off the apron and takes control in the ring with a sliding dropkick. Price comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex. He connects with a bicycle kick and hits a dead-lift german ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling Feeding Frenzy Raw Footage Review

beyond wrestling

1. Buxx Belmar defeats Davey Vega, Danny Cannon, and Matt Cage. Belmar pins after Cannon after “The Rape”/7:38/** Three Midwesterners and a Canadian. One of these four doesn’t belong, both in country and who I actually like watching. Belmat is his usual disgusting self and works Vega over. Cage and Cannon exit the ring. Two men at a time take ... Read More »

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2014 Night Three DVD Review


The end is in sight; 24 have become 12 as indie wrestling’s top tournament concludes with the quarter finals, semi finals and finals and a whole heck of a lot more. Featuring the likes of AJ Styles, Ricochet, Johnny Gargano, Michael Elgin, Zack Sabre Jr., Kenny Omega and PWG World Champion Kyle O’Reilly among others. SLOOOOOOW MOOOOOTIOOOONNNN!!! Read More »

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2014 Night Two DVD Review


Indie wrestling’s biggest annual tournament keeps on truckin’, with half the first round matches in the books, it’s time for the other 12 entrants to step up to the plate. Featuring the long awaited returns of Kenny Omega, Chris Sabin and Matt Sydal and Zack Sabre Jr.’s first singles match in PWG as he takes on Adam Cole. Plus a ... Read More »

AIW “Battle of the Sexes” Review


Remember Real World: Battle of the Sexes? When Puck spit in David’s face? It was a pretty great show. Well, it was great when I watched in 2001/2002. This show is similar, in that it’s men vs. women, but there’s way less kissing and a lot more violence. That makes it better in certain respects right? Let’s find out. There’s ... Read More »

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2014 Night 1 DVD Review


The biggest tournament in independent wrestling is back as the Battle of Los Angeles kicks off with the first of its three consecutive nights, featuring one of the most stacked line-ups in history, boasting the (then) world champions of New Japan, Ring of Honor, PWG, Dragon Gate USA and CZW. Who will win? Who won’t? Who will end up quitting ... Read More »

Shimmer 59 DVD Review


When compared with the previous volume, Shimmer 59 was overall a slight step up in the ring with some persistent booking issues in the second half of the show. After working through Shimmer 58, I knew what talent was lacking and how that might adversely affect the rest of the shows this week. Despite some of the missing talent, there ... Read More »

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