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FIP: Heatstroke 2014 Review


  August 9th, 2014 Opening Match: Jesus De Leon vs. Lince Dorado Leon tries to dive onto Dorado during his entrance but misses. Dorado blocks a second dive and then lands one of his own. In the ring, Dorado snaps off a satellite headscissors along with a hurricanrana. Jesus blocks a top-rope hurricanrana and applies a half crab. Dorado counters ... Read More »

Chikara 2014 Reviews: You Only Live Twice, Quantum of Solace, & Diamonds Are Forever


Last June, Chikara said goodbye to wrestling fans after a controversial finish to an iPPV main event. It was a somewhat poetically frustrating end to an eighteen month period that saw Chikara flounder creatively after the artistic achievement that was High Noon 2011. With Chikara’s wrestling promotion on the shelf, the management, personalities, and wrestlers seemed to mostly focus their ... Read More »

AIW “Absolution IX” Review


You can tell a card is marquee level when Kevin Steen and Chris Sabin open the show. They’ve been opponents in tag matches, they even were tag partners once in PWG, but this would be the only instance of them squaring off in a singles contest. Steen berated ring announcer Pedro Deluca for messing up his hometown, starting the bout ... Read More »

C4 Wrestling Crossing The Line 7 Review


When it comes to pro wrestling, it is generally better to have a variety of bouts on the card rather than six or seven matches that look and feel similar leading to a crowd reaction that will sink slowly into a lull. The very little of the C4 Wrestling content I have watched has shown that they understand what their ... Read More »

EVOLVE 33 Review


    August 10th, 2014   Opening Match:  Anthony Nese vs. Lince Dorado EVOLVE does not pick the best venues.  It feels like we’re at King of the Deathmatches as the show is being held outdoors with fans just kind of sitting anywhere.  Dorado uses his agility to frustrate Nese early on.  He lands a springboard crossbody and hits a ... Read More »

EVOLVE 32 Review


  August 9th, 2014   Drew Galloway, the new EVOLVE Champion, comes out to start the show.  Last night was the rebirth of EVOLVE and Galloway himself.  He shows the camera a huge bruise on the back of his leg but damn it, he’s the champion and he’s going to defend his title right now… Opening Match:  EVOLVE Title: Drew ... Read More »

EVOLVE 31 iPPV 08/08/14 Review


  Pre-Show Match: FIP Florida Heritage Championship: Chasyn Rance © vs. Trevor Lee Wait, why is Trevor Lee not on the EVOLVE card? He’s in town?!? They trade control on the mat. Lee avoids an enzuigiri and hits a dead-lift gutwrench suplex. A distraction by Rance’s entourage allows him to hit the Chasyn Driver to retain his title at 4:00. ... Read More »

AAW Point of No Return 2014 Review


Point of No Return took place on April 11th at the Berwyn Eagles’ Club. Commentary by Phil Colvin and Daryck St. Holmes. Tony Rican attempts to start the show. Kevin Harvey and Nikki interrupt. Harvey puts management, particularly Rican, to task for Rhino hurting Nikki. Harvey reminds Rican that he said he was going to retire and he lied. Harvey ... Read More »

CHIKARA DVD Review – “Quantum of Solace”


Prelude to the Review: I was actually at this show, so getting to see this show from a new perspective will be pretty fun.  That being said, I want to give you guys a great reason to buy these shows.  I don’t plan on doing a PBP, but at least my opinions of things going on in the match.  When ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: Immortality 2014 Review


    Immortality on June 7th, 2014 Opening Match:  DREAMWAVE Tag Team Titles: Alex Castle and Markus Crane © vs. Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae Ryan snaps off an armdrag on Crane and connects with a dropkick.  He uses LeRae as a battering ram to continue the attack.  Crane headscissors Ryan into a gamengiri from Castle.  The champions isolate Ryan ... Read More »

C4 Wrestling The Warriors 2014 Review


It’s been a while since we’ve had a C4 Wrestling review on PWP but with the help of a few recommendations, I decided to check some out during one of the recent charity sales. I didn’t have that many expectations going in as I hadn’t ever really watched them other than the free matches put out by Player Uno ... Read More »

Tournament for Tomorrow 2 Night Three DVD Review (Raw Footage)


Read More »

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