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UGW: Resistance is Futile Review


May 9th, 2015 Opening Match: UGW Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Golden Dragons (Kenji and Yoshihiro) vs. The Curse (Ovirload and Draconis) Ovirload and Kenji trade control to start the match. Kenji snaps off a few armdrags. Yoshihiro connects with a basement dropkick to Draconis. He slips running up the ropes but recovers with a dropkick. The Golden Dragons follow ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling “King of Arts” Review


Beyond Wrestling kicked off the year 2015 with the fantastic “Hit & Run” show, with lots of great matches and intriguing stories. “King of Arts” looked to continue that positive momentum, but no one would predict that it would cause undoubtedly the most controversial moment in the company’s history. The whole Kimber Lee controversy was not the only thing Chris ... Read More »

ROH: Death Before Dishonor XIII Review


July 24th, 2015 Opening Match: Will Ferrara vs. Silas Young Young spends too much time insulting a fan, so Ferrara takes him out with a dive. In the ring, Ferrara connects with a dropkick and comes off the middle rope with a hurricanrana. Young sneaks in an eye poke and takes control. Ferrara comes back with a springboard tornado DDT. ... Read More »

ROH: Aftershock Tour: Las Vegas Review


July 17th, 2015 Austin Aries makes his way to the ring to start the show. Aries says that the first place he called after becoming a free agent was Ring of Honor. He claims that Ring of Honor made Austin Aries. Aries says that there’s no heat between himself and ROH. He is back and ready to prove that he ... Read More »

UGW: Resurrection Review


April 11th, 2015 Opening Match: Draconis vs. Brad Kevins vs. Alex Romero Draconis connects with a double clothesline. Kevins low-bridges Draconis to the floor, where Romero punts him from the apron. Kevins lands a dive onto both of them. In the ring, Romero snaps off a headscissors on Kevins. Kevins responds with a leaping neckbreaker. Draconis re-enters the ring and ... Read More »

ROH 07/24/15 Death Before Dishonor XIII iPPV Results & Review


ROH Death Before Dishonor XIII iPPV July 24, 2015 Baltimore, MD Check out our Mid Year Report with Larry Csonka of 411Mania Quick Results: Silas Young def Will Ferrara with the Misery/spinning TKO Cedric Alexander def Moose after hitting him with a wrench The Briscoes def Roppongi Vice with a froggy bow/jay driller combo on Trent Adam Cole def Dalton ... Read More »

ROH: Aftershock Tour: Hopkins Review


July 11th, 2015 Opening Match: Danny Duggan vs. Mark Briscoe Mark steals Duggan’s fanny pack and puts it on. What have we done to deserve this? Mark snaps off a couple of armdrags and Duggan backs into the ropes. Duggan doesn’t give a clean break and slaps Mark. Mark answers with a series of lariats. They battle at ringside and ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling “Hit and Run” Review


After a fairly weak conclusion to 2014, Beyond Wrestling came in guns ablazing with “Hit and Run” to kick off 2015. They pretty much had to; “Ends Meet” left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, but given how strong 2014 was as a whole for Beyond, I wasn’t willing to give up yet. I am very glad I didn’t. ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE “Misfortune: Road to Anniversary” Review


“Misfortune” was DREAMWAVE Wrestling’s second event of the year. Both the DREMWAVE Tag Team and Alternative championships were scheduled to be defended. New number one contenders for the tag belts were to be determined and in the main event three grudges bleed over into an ocean of hate. Misfortune: Road to Anniversary March 7, 2015 LaSalle, Illinois   Number One ... Read More »

UGW: Retribution Review


March 14th, 2015 Opening Match: UGW Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1: The Curse (Draconis and Ovirload) vs. Haunter Strange and Rey Furia Strange gets the better of Ovirload during a few opening exchanges. Furia snaps off a few armdrags on Draconis and connects with a dropkick. Strange and Furia showcase some teamwork until Draconis takes them both over with ... Read More »

Beyond Wrestling “Ends Meet” Review


Two of Beyond Wrestling’s regular teams opened the show, with both teams looking to recover from their respective tournament losses: the Doom Patrol of Chris Dickinson and Jaka, who lost in the semifinals of Tournament for Tomorrow 3 and EYFBO who lost in the semifinals of the Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16 tournament. Larry Legend of all people served as the ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE 02/07/2015 “Season Premiere” Review


Season Premiere February 7, 2015 LaSalle, Illinois The show opened with a painfully bad promo from special guest Booker T. For god’s sake don’t subject yourself to watching it, just fast forward to the first match. DREAMWAVE Tag Team Championship Match, Dick Justice & Colt Cabana vs. Team AC/DC © Cabana may be considered a master of comedic wrestling but ... Read More »

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