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Chikara The World Is Not Enough Review


I know Chikara has enough talent to produce good shows. It is like they are choosing not to now, and it makes it so unbelievably disappointing. This show has two matches that I am excited for at least. I hope the booking does not get in the way. July 20, 2014 Boston, Massachusetts Commentators: Leonard F. Chikarason, Bryce Remsburg, Chuck ... Read More »

AAW Day of Defiance 2014 Review


AAW 5/2 at 115 Bourbon St Commentary by Phil Colvin and Daryck St. Holmes Josh Alexander vs. Brett Gakiya This is both men’s first show back. Alexander returned from a prolapsed anus. Gakiya healed from an orbital bone. Alexander thanks AAW for an easy night and Gakiya slaps him in return. Though it’s very representative of the kind of match ... Read More »

ROH All-Star Extravaganza 6 iPPV Review


-Taped from Toronto, Ontario Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino, and Nigel McGuinness Professional video package hyping up the show and showing some interview clips. ROH needs more of this on a consistent basis for the television show. House of Truth come out to start the show. Jay Lethal has a fedora on, thus confirming he’s a heel. Crowd chants for ... Read More »

ROH Field of Honor VOD Review


Field of Honor presented a unique chance for Ring of Honor. They were quite literally taking TNA’s place at Brooklyn Cyclones’s stadium. Roughly 1500 fans made their way out on what looked to be a beautiful night for ROH wrestling. I have to say. Visually, the stadium looks like a great place to catch a minor league baseball game. As ... Read More »

ROH Summer Heat Night One VOD Review


One week after Aftershock, ROH started their Summer Heat tour in Cincinnati. This has become a great home for ROH with energetic crowds and a less snarky crowd. Kevin Kelly was nowhere to be found, but Joe Dombrowski stepped in. Honestly, Dombrowski does a much better job conveying the action and providing the stories of the matches. The differences are ... Read More »

CZW: Heat Review


August 23rd, 2014 The Front come out to start the show. Sozio talks about how far Drew Gulak has fallen over the past year. Biff Busick announces that Joker has no-showed the event tonight so the scheduled title match will have to be changed. Busick issues an open challenge for the main event. Opening Match: Alex Colon vs. Latin Dragon ... Read More »

Chikara The Living Daylights Review


After three discouraging shows and one downright awful show, I’ve grown anxious about the rest of the Chikara season. I think at this point it’s going to be foolish to expect a “return to form.” Chikara is a new company now with a different feel. However, I still believe they can execute the current vision for the company in a ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: Summer Spectacular 2014 Review

Summer Spectacular

  Summer Spectacular on July 12th, 2014   Opening Match: Bucky Collins vs. Candice LeRae LeRae unloads with a series of forearms and chops in the corner. She lays in repeated stomps. The referee quickly ejects the rest of Seduce and Destroy from ringside. LeRae attempts a ballsplex but Collins is wearing a cup. Collins connects with a boot and ... Read More »

ROH Aftershock VOD Review


After such a major event such as Best in the World, Ring of Honor basically needed to start over with new storylines and a new direction. The most significant change obviously came with a new world champion in Michael Elgin who  has decided to defend the world title on every show. This harkens back to the old days of ROH ... Read More »

Chikara Goldfinger Review


The first three Chikara shows of 2014 were all disappointing in various ways, but I have hope they will be able to turn it around. As long as the shows are more like Quantum of Solace  and less like Diamonds Are Forever, they should be able to do it soon.   June 22, 2014 Detroit, Michigan Commentators: Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, Mike ... Read More »

FIP: Heatstroke 2014 Review


  August 9th, 2014 Opening Match: Jesus De Leon vs. Lince Dorado Leon tries to dive onto Dorado during his entrance but misses. Dorado blocks a second dive and then lands one of his own. In the ring, Dorado snaps off a satellite headscissors along with a hurricanrana. Jesus blocks a top-rope hurricanrana and applies a half crab. Dorado counters ... Read More »

Chikara 2014 Reviews: You Only Live Twice, Quantum of Solace, & Diamonds Are Forever


Last June, Chikara said goodbye to wrestling fans after a controversial finish to an iPPV main event. It was a somewhat poetically frustrating end to an eighteen month period that saw Chikara flounder creatively after the artistic achievement that was High Noon 2011. With Chikara’s wrestling promotion on the shelf, the management, personalities, and wrestlers seemed to mostly focus their ... Read More »

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