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AIW “Hell on Earth 9″ Review


“Hell on Earth” is AIW’s longest running annual event, typically delivering one heck of a show. In fact, last year’s installment is one of my favorite AIW shows ever. They tend to bring the goods during what has become a Black Friday tradition, and with a promising card and a big debut, I was really looking forward to checking out ... Read More »

AIW “Double Dare” Review

Double Dare

On your mark; get set; GO! It’s gonna be a good show when MARC FLIPPIN’ SOMMERS opens things up. It’s appropriate though; the show is named after the Nickelodeon game show he hosted for years. This show was AIW’s third iPPV offering and focused on an eight team tournament (hence the show being called “Double Dare.”) Sprinkle in some really ... Read More »

AIW “Gleaming the Cube” Review


Although it’s interesting to see what a wrestling company does on their biggest show of the year, one could argue the follow up show is equally, if not more important. How do you follow up from such a large event? If you attracted any new audience members, will you be able to hold their interest? Coming off of their first ... Read More »

AIW “Absolution VIII” Review


Every year Absolution is THE event for AIW. It’s where some of the best matches happen, a lot of storylines reach their conclusion, and the stage is set for the next twelve months. The 2013 installment was no exception. Although two matches had last minute changes, AIW presented it’s most stacked card of the year and arguably one if it’s ... Read More »

AIW 2013 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament Night 2 Review


We continue on with our look at this year’s installment of AIW’s #JLIT tournament. For the sake of ease, I have broken down the matches by round. Quarter-Final Round Matches Ethan Page and Davey Vega opened the show in a surprisingly competitive match. I’m not surprised it was competitive, but it was pretty obvious Page was moving on. That’s no ... Read More »

AIW 2013 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament Night 1 Review


Boy do I love me some tournaments. Every year I get excited when a big independent wrestling tournament comes around. Although the TPI is back this year, AIW filled the void it left and presented it’s third installment of a “TPI style tournament” with the 2013 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament. AIW decided to change things up with this year’s tournament ... Read More »

AIW 06.30.13 Absolution VIII iPPV Results and Analysis


There were some iPPV issues when the show started. The stream came back so please join us on twitter for thoughts and analysis. A review and podcast will be up after the show. -Taped from Cleveland, Ohio As the video pops up, the crowd is actually making noise! The Sex Bo-Bombs (Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega) vs. The Jollyville Fuck-Its ... Read More »

AIW “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta” Review


“PC Load Letter? The fuck does that mean?” AIW’s “Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta” event is like a tale of two shows. The first four matches were fairly inconsequential though they had some solid action. The last four matches really picked things up, played heavily into the company’s direction, and brought some crazy action. In fact, every ... Read More »

AIW “Gauntlet for the Gold 8″ Review


Read More »

AIW “Conspiracy Theory” Review


AIW ended 2012 with a show that left a sour taste in my mouth even though it presented some quality action. The final four matches all had interference and it became tiresome. It was an instance of exterior persons hurting the quality of a match for the sake of pushing a story forward. It’s a thin line to cross and ... Read More »

A Ruff Look at AIW Girls Night Out 8 March 1, 2013


I’ve been watching AIW for over a year. They are without a doubt my favorite wrestling promotion outside of Texas. Matter of fact, I spend most of my time trying to get my wife to take me up there for a birthday or something. We’re still working on that. One thing I’ve told them since I’ve started watching is that ... Read More »

AIW “Girls Night Out 8″ 03.01.13 iPPV Results

Flyer for AIW's Girls Night Out 8

Tonight, there will be violence, there will be ladders, and there will be girls. Absolute Intense Wrestling presents its first internet pay-per-view tonight from Turners Hall in Cleveland, Ohio, featuring an eight-woman tournament to determine a new number one contender for the AIW Womens’ Championship. The action is set to get underway on SmartMarkVideo at 7 P.M. EST. Can’t wait? ... Read More »

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