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Chikara Goldfinger Review


The first three Chikara shows of 2014 were all disappointing in various ways, but I have hope they will be able to turn it around. As long as the shows are more like Quantum of Solace  and less like Diamonds Are Forever, they should be able to do it soon.   June 22, 2014 Detroit, Michigan Commentators: Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, Mike ... Read More »

Chikara 2014 Reviews: You Only Live Twice, Quantum of Solace, & Diamonds Are Forever


Last June, Chikara said goodbye to wrestling fans after a controversial finish to an iPPV main event. It was a somewhat poetically frustrating end to an eighteen month period that saw Chikara flounder creatively after the artistic achievement that was High Noon 2011. With Chikara’s wrestling promotion on the shelf, the management, personalities, and wrestlers seemed to mostly focus their ... Read More »

CHIKARA DVD Review – “Quantum of Solace”


Prelude to the Review: I was actually at this show, so getting to see this show from a new perspective will be pretty fun.  That being said, I want to give you guys a great reason to buy these shows.  I don’t plan on doing a PBP, but at least my opinions of things going on in the match.  When ... Read More »

Chikara Aniversario: Never Compromise iPPV Review and Analysis


CHECK OUT OUR IMMEDIATE POST SHOW PODCAST WHERE WE TOOK TWITTER AND EMAIL QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS IPPV AND DISCUSSED THE FUTURE OF CHIKARA AND MORE With any luck, I’ll be doing a live iPPV recap and review right here. I’ll discuss all of the matches and happenings here. If you’re not home and want to follow only results, check out ... Read More »

The Ghost of You Clings DVD Review


Chikara’s run through the south continued in grand fashion to Porterdale, Georgia.  Grand because Eddie Kingston had to once again defend the Grand Championship, this time against Mr. Touchdown. Both of these men have been outstanding performers while holding their respective titles, so I’m really glad we got to see this. I’m not sure why this wasn’t the main event ... Read More »

Chikara Battle Not With Monsters DVD Review


There has been a lot of discussion through various podcasts about timelines, alternative universes, and doppelgangers concerning Chikara. I will leave those conspiracy theories for them and focus my energy on discussing the wrestling on all of the Chikara shows from here on and channel some anger toward Tom Donst and his motley crew. What alternate timeline are we in ... Read More »

Chikara The Shoulder of Pallas DVD Review


“I’m glad this isn’t an iPPV.”  -Leonard F. Chikarason No truer words were spoken for the entirety of Wrestlecon than the ones said by the former director of fun. As seemingly every promotion in the world was running on one of the numerous iPPV providers, Chikara was saving up their big showcase for June 2. Fortuitously,The Shoulder of Pallas was ... Read More »

Chikara Watchmaker DVD Review


It’s amazing how my perception of three people can change so dramatically after two shows. Colony Xtreme Force jumped the shark on the Orlando show. Their antics completely overwhelmed their match with the Batiri. You could see the crowd being sucked out of the Orlando crowd as the CXF danced, celebrated, and behaved in such a way that the very ... Read More »

Chikara Just Shadows in the Fog DVD Review


Chikara finally made its way down to Florida just a few short weeks ago, and it was a tale of two shows. First up, Tampa, i.e. the good show. This was top to bottom a very strong Chikara show overall that featured a rare instance of a first half being longer (and better) than the second half. Many Chikara storylines ... Read More »

Chikara: While the Dawn is Breaking DVD Review


As much as Peck and Touchdown over delivered in their feud during 2012, one of the more disappointing feuds had to be Eddie Kingston versus Kevin Steen. Perhaps it’s because of the politics between Ring of Honor and Chikara. Maybe their styles didn’t mesh as well as we hoped. Maybe our expectations were just too darn high. Whatever the reason, ... Read More »

Chikara All The Agents and Superhuman Crew DVD Review


  Professional wrestling doesn’t get to be Shakespeare or tell that classic story nearly as much anymore. The typical babyface versus heel narrative has been drastically altered by society’s whims to the point that men like Don Draper and Dexter Morgan are protagonists while the police or genuinely good people are annoying ants who we want to see our heroes ... Read More »

Chikara Best of 2012 DVD Review


  -Green Ant vs. Mike Quackenbush (The 13th Hat, 1.28.12) Match in Five Words or Less:  The Student Becomes The Masters Match Highlights: Referees are in new aqua blue shirts. I mention this only because I’m a giant nerd who notices those kinds of things. Quack yells at some people who showed up late before the match. Hilarious. Code of Honor ... Read More »

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