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DGUSA Open the Ultimate Gate 04/04/14 iPPV Review

Open the Ultimate Gate

The show will be starting fifteen minutes late after 2014: A Wrestling Odyssey started nearly thirty minutes late earlier. Why does this keep happening? Opening Match: Open the United Gate Tag Team Titles: Harlem and Lance Bravado © vs. Anthony Nese and Caleb Konley Colt Cabana is on commentary. Lance traps Konley in a surfboard but gets backed into the ... Read More »

DGUSA: Way of the Ronin 2014 Review


Way of the Ronin on February 23rd, 2014 in Brooklyn, New York Opening Match: Tim Donst vs. Caleb Konley Donst won last night, so now he gets to face off against a regular roster member. This isn’t groundbreaking booking but it makes sense. Donst shows his dominance on the mat early on. Konley creates an opening with a dropkick and ... Read More »

DGUSA: REVOLT! 2014 Review


REVOLT! on February 22nd, 2014 in Queens, New York Opening Match: Tim Donst vs. Chris Dickinson This looks a lot like a New Talent Initiative. Well, that’s because it is! Of course, everyone remembers Dickinson’s promos from the early EVOLVE shows so the “New” part is up for debate. They trade control on the mat and neither man can gain ... Read More »

DGUSA: Fearless 2013 Review


Fearless on November 16th, 2013 in Elmhurst, New York Opening Match: Jon Davis vs. Earl Cooter Davis seems to be underestimating Cooter early on. Will this come back to bite Davis? Davis hits a backbreaker-german suplex combination and follows with a lariat. Davis connects with a running knee strike and hits Three Seconds Around the World for the win at ... Read More »

Dragon Gate USA Freedom Fight 2013 Review and Results


The internet’s second favourite Dragon Gate reviewer (Zombiehater‘s HellionLee) is here with live coverage of the last Dragon Gate USA show of 2013; Freedom Fight! This is Gabe Sapolsky’s Japanese offshoot fed’s Final Gate/Final Battle/Starrcade equivalent, a show so important that the main event was changed a few days in advance purely because some guy got fired by WWE. Will ... Read More »

Dragon Gate USA Enter The Dragon 28/7/2013 iPPV review


Lee here with live coverage of Dragon Gate USA’s fourth anniversary show! I’ll also be tweeting about it over on Twitter @HellionLee, and there’ll probably be results over on the @pwponderings Twitter if Chris or whoever is running that. Keep refreshing this page for updates. Show starts at 1pm EST, which is 6pm for us English folk. Go order it ... Read More »

Dragon Gate USA 07.27.13 Bushido: Code of the Warrior results


  DGUSA Bushido: Code of the Warrior 2013 July 27, 2013 Elmhurst, NY Website: Dragon Gate USA’s fourth anniversary weekend kicks off tonight at 8 P.M. EDT. with its “Bushido” show live from Queens, NY. Read below for full results, and remember you can order the live iPPV or on-demand replay at Our night begins with picture but ... Read More »

WrestleCon 04.06.13 DGUSA “Open the Ultimate Gate” Results

DGUSA Night 1

We also have members of the PWP crew live at the Meadowlands Expo Center updating our official Twitter page with live results, @PWPonderings. The show is set to start a bit late, around 8:15 or so. Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick. Our feed is down right now. Missing the early goings of the match. Probably the middle and late goings ... Read More »

PWP Xtra WM Weekend(Fri) EVOLVE 19, CZW, Supercard of Honor Review Podcast


Jerome and Chris are back and it’s about midnight to discuss Friday of the WM weekend that included the EVOLVE 19, CZW, & Supercard of Honor shows and give their quick thoughts on the highs, the lows, and sometimes confusing events. Lots of fun and analysis. Let us know what you think by either leaving a comment or emailing us ... Read More »

DG USA Heat 2013 iPPV Review


  -Taped from Santa Clara, CA -Your hosts are Lenny Leonard and others -Arik Cannon vs. Rich Swann Match in Five Words or Less: Two In A Row! Match Summary: They take turns working the arm to start. Headscissors applied but Cannon gets to the bottom rope. Cannon goes to the corner for a PBR. I’m curious if Cannon flew ... Read More »

DGUSA Revolt 2013 iPPV Review


-Taped from Santa Clara, CA -Your host is Lenny Leonard -Chuck Taylor is in the ring with cups and a table. After his win to solidify the number one seed in the Evolve tournament, he wants to celebrate. It’s beer pong time. Taylor lays down an open challenge for beer pong. One guess who comes out. Of course Arik Cannon ... Read More »

DG USA Open the Golden Gate 2013 iPPV Review


-Taped from Santa Monica, CA -Your host is Lenny Leonard and various other wrestlers -There was a preshow done by Vendetta Pro. I will not be reviewing that portion of the show although I’m intrigued by the idea of seeing Famous B and the Ballard Brothers (2003-04 PWG fame). -Samuray Del Sol vs. Eita Match in Five Words or Less: ... Read More »

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