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DREAMWAVE: Adversity 2014 Review


Adversity on August 2nd, 2014 Opening Match: DREAMWAVE Alternative Title: Lince Dorado © vs. Jigsaw Dorado sends Jigsaw to the floor with a hurricanrana. Back in, Jigsaw connects with a double stomp. Dorado hits a stunner and connects with a handspring back elbow. Jigsaw runs into a gamengiri and Dorado lands a flying crossbody. Jigsaw connects with a bicycle kick ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: Summer Spectacular 2014 Review

Summer Spectacular

  Summer Spectacular on July 12th, 2014   Opening Match: Bucky Collins vs. Candice LeRae LeRae unloads with a series of forearms and chops in the corner. She lays in repeated stomps. The referee quickly ejects the rest of Seduce and Destroy from ringside. LeRae attempts a ballsplex but Collins is wearing a cup. Collins connects with a boot and ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: Immortality 2014 Review


    Immortality on June 7th, 2014 Opening Match:  DREAMWAVE Tag Team Titles: Alex Castle and Markus Crane © vs. Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae Ryan snaps off an armdrag on Crane and connects with a dropkick.  He uses LeRae as a battering ram to continue the attack.  Crane headscissors Ryan into a gamengiri from Castle.  The champions isolate Ryan ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: Retaliation 2014 Review

Retaliation 2014

Retaliation on May 3rd, 2014 Preshow Match: Nate Knox and Dan the Man vs. Moondog Bernard and Luther The match starts with some antics involving Bernard but then gets serious when Luther enters the ring. Luther hits a side slam on Knox. DTM dropkicks Bernard off the apron and takes down Luther with a shoulder tackle. He follows with a ... Read More »


Anniversary V

ANNIVERSARY V on April 12th, 2014 Preshow Match: Ruff Crossing vs. Mallaki Matthews Crossing lands a kick to the midsection instead of shaking Matthews’ hand. Crossing blocks a charge with a back elbow but almost gets caught by a sunset flip out of the corner. Matthews connects with a springboard gamengiri for a two count. Crossing responds with a leaping ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: Season Premiere 2014 Review

Season Premiere

Season Premiere on February 1st, 2014 Pre-Show Match: Nate Knox vs. Ruff Crossing They trade chops. Crossing avoids a charge and slams Knox out of the corner. Knox hits a chinbreaker but runs into a backbreaker. Crossing follows with a butterfly backbreaker and connects with a bicycle kick. Crossing hits a tombstone for the win at 3:14. This match wasn’t ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: The Fight Before Christmas 2013 Review

Fight Before Christmas

The Fight Before Christmas on December 7th, 2013 There is a pre-show battle royal included on this release. However, with a lack of familiarity with all of the talents’ names along with no commentary, it would be incredibly difficult for me to do play-by-play. The match ends with Ace Martino sneakily eliminating Justice Jones for the victory. Opening Match: Arik ... Read More »

DREAMWAVE: No Escape 2013 Review


No Escape 2013 on October 5th, 2013 Pre-Show Match: Bucky Collins vs. JJ Garrett They trade control of a wristlock. Garrett hip tosses Collins to the apron. Collins reenters the ring with a sunset flip for a two count. They exchange rollup attempts to no avail and both try dropkicks at the same time. Collins slaps Garrett across the face ... Read More »

Dreamwave Wrestling: “Retaliation 2013″ Review


My college anthropology professor preached a philosophy that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. While he used that to justify his views on religious extremists, it’s a viable sentiment and one often applicable to the world of professional wrestling. As the issues between Dreamwave World Champion Nick Brubaker, former champion Jason Hades and the unbeatable Christian Rose continued ... Read More »

Dreamwave Wrestling: Anniversary IV Review


Each professional wrestling fan has his or her personal preferences. Some appreciate matches for high-impact moves and work rate, while others look for comedy and light-hearted fun. Some are drawn in by big name guests, while others support their favorite local competitors. The ideal formula for a successful show incorporates a variety of elements to appease all different types of ... Read More »

Dreamwave Wrestling: Misfortune 2013 Review


Tag team wresting is dead. How many times in recent years have you heard someone utter those five words or some similar combination? Mainstream wrestling has neutered the artform to the point where WWE fans are already calling for the split of Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Fortunately for wrestling fans, tag team wrestling lives and thrives ... Read More »

Dreamwave Wrestling: 2013 Season Premiere Review


  Popularized by CHIKARA, the concept of organizing wrestling storylines into seasons, often a calendar year, has become a prevalent format in many companies. Using this structure offers a number of advantages, as it allows a convenient timetable for events and stories to unfold, offers an easy access point for new fans and creates a sense of importance around key ... Read More »

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