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PWG DDT4 2014 DVD Review


PWG’s annual tag team tournament returns and for the first time 6 years it is guaranteed the Young Bucks will not win… because they were booked in New Japan instead. But with teams like the Unbreakable F’n Machines, Best Friends, African American Wolves, Cole Steen Cole and Inner City Machineguns ready to fill the void, who needs ‘em?   Buy ... Read More »

PWG All-Star Weekend X Night Two DVD Review

Davey Farewell

PWG’s tenth All-Star Weekend rolls on with a second night of action headlined by Adam Cole defending his world title against indie ace Johnny Gargano and the final appearances by Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards for the foreseeable future. Plus: Ricochet, Chris Hero, ACH, Tommaso Ciampa, Roderick Strong, Kevin Steen, the Young Bucks, AR Fox and more! Buy the show ... Read More »

PWG All-Star Weekend X Night One DVD Review


Pro Wrestling Guerrilla celebrate their tenth All-Star Weekend in style with the return of beloved former world champion Chris Hero taking on current champion Adam Cole, who has been steamrolling the PWG roster for the last year thanks to his Mount Rushmore cohorts. Also on the card: Davey Richards, Johnny Gargano, Dojo Bros, Best Friends, Kevin Steen, Young Bucks, Ricochet, ... Read More »

PWG Matt Rushmore DVD Review


One of the things that went unmentioned in my BOLA reviews were the idea that I don’t buy the Kevin Steen turn after months of feuding with the Young Bucks and being on the side of Rick Knox for literally years. Steen attempted to answer these questions before his first match on commentary. While the Best Friends were wrestling Rich ... Read More »

PWG 2013 Battle of Los Angeles Night Two DVD Review


One of my biggest pet peeves about professional wrestling and life in general is people using hyperbole. We’ve become a society where everything is either the best ever or the dirt worst. I firmly believe that social media and the online atmosphere has positioned art to be seen in a very binary way. Of course, pro wrestling is as subjective ... Read More »

PWG 2013 Battle of Los Angeles Night One DVD Review


I need to remove the veil of PWG for the purposes of this review for just one second. Now I’m not going to say PWG has had a bad year relative to a lot of the other independent promotions out there. However, based on their own lofty standards earned through over 3.5 years of non-stop, high quality shows, 2013 hasn’t ... Read More »

PWG Ten DVD Review


Ten years ago, Pro Wrestling Guerilla opened its doors to little fan fare in what was really not that good of show. Seriously, go back and watch it. It’s so rough and undeveloped. You won’t even believe Ten and the debut show were produced by the same people. For fans and wrestlers alike, Pro Wrestling Guerilla has become an oasis ... Read More »

2007 PWG Battle of Los Angeles DVD Review


(I figured with BOLA coming up next week, it might be nice to take a look back the absolute best year of the tournament, 2007. That and I've had no time to write my other C4 DVD review. Enjoy this review that was originally on my PWG blog and is reviewed in more typical fashion.) -Taped from Burbank, California -Your ... Read More »

PWG Is Your Body Ready DVD Review


  I’m not going to lie. The prospect of a one hour match on “Is Your Body Ready?” had me dreading watching this show. It’s pretty rare for me to feel this way about  a PWG show because I consider this company to be my sanctuary. I assume Sami Callihan and Adam Cole were looking for a proper blow-off to ... Read More »

PWG All-Star Weekend 9-Night Two DVD Review


  Night one truly lived up to its all-star reputation. Night two at least tried to incorporate some of the California locals onto the shows. Right from the opener in fact as Willie Mack lose to Jay Lethal clean after four consecutive elbow drops. Probably one of the more forgettable matches of the weekend that did Mack no favors. Mack ... Read More »

PWG All-Star Weekend 9- Night 1 DVD Review


The anticipation for All-Star Weekend 9 has been borderline ravenous. I will never forget being at the January AAW show and reading all the talent announcements. It was a who’s who of professional wrestling converging on Reseda, California. Given El Generico’s departure from the independent scene, the question became whether PWG could still deliver the goods and put on the ... Read More »

PWG 2013 DDT4 DVD Review


At the end of the night, after an exhausting evening of nine matches, Kevin Steen told El Generico that his career would mean nothing without him. Nine years of history. All the titles. All the various matches. All the times I thought they killed each other. Now, it was all over. Steen could hug Generico, and we could say farewell ... Read More »

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