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Weekly Newscast 11/18/14 ROH GBH, CHIKARA, HoH, CWF Mid Atlantic, WWNLive China, PWG & More


Lots of news this week. WWNLive’s successful tour of China, ROH’s Glory By Honor, CHIKARA has lost another hero..villian…someone, big shows from JAPW, House of Hardcore and more. Jerome and Chris have a lot to talk about and then they review the 11/08 ROH episode with the big (or not so big) return of Michael Elgin and how the story ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 37 – “Nightmare at Lake Butterscotch”

Root Beer Guy and James are front and center on this week’s episode of Flooping the Pig. Brad Garoon, Kevin Ford, and Justin Houston talk about Adventure Time story structure, and let you know what happened to Jake after getting kidnapped by Kee-Oth.​ Follow Brad on Twitter Follow Kevin on Twitter Follow Justin on Twitter Follow Pro Wrestling Ponderings on ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “Knightfall”


We really hope you like comics, because the ratio of comic book stuff vs. CHIKARA is about 50/50 in this one. Justin and Kevin get caught up discussing the allegory of Bane/Batman with Deucalion/Mike Quackenbush that spirals into other topics. The duo does however get down to brass tacks with full rundowns of both CHIKARA shows this weekend, as well ... Read More »

Weekly Newscast 11/10/14 ROH/PWG Issues, CZW, ROH, AAW News + Lucha Underground Ep 2 Review


This week’s newscast is an abridged version due to a technical issue the original version with Jerome & Chris discussing the issues didn’t record. So the first half is Chris going over the news including the big issue of ROH talent possibly not being able to work ROH shows and some more details about that. A run down of results ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 36 – “Litter Boxes and Color Blindness”


Adventure Time lovers know how to make the most out of a bad situation in Ooo, so Kevin Ford, Justin Houston, and Brad Garoon look for the positives in Box Prince and its connections to Puhoy. They also discuss the believability of color blindness in Red Starved, the music of We Fixed a Truck, and the cliffhanger in Play Date. ... Read More »

Highspots Breaking The Silence: Michael Elgin Interview Review


Senior Editor Jerome Cusson and web admin Chris GST discuss the shoot interview done by Highspots after attempting to ‘quit’ ROH publicly and everyone started down the rabbit hole. Jerome and Chris discuss the consistencies in Elgin’s narrative from past ROH talent stories, how Elgin came across, what Elgin said about how ROH cost him $32,000, and then they discuss ... Read More »

Weekly Newscast 11/04/14 House of Glory, CZW, ROH SoTF, Lucha Underground Review


Chris GST & Jerome Cusson are back this week to discuss all the results from this past weekend including; the debut of Pro Wrestling NOW, CWF Mid Atlantic and where they are going for Ultimate Survivor, CZW Cerebral iPPV taping, and more. Ari Berenstein drops in to talk about his live experience at House of Glory and their dream match ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 35 – “500 Days of Flame Princess”


Finn begins the healing process by helping Slime Princess chase away an evil outsider, fighting his way through a dungeon train, and helping his brother eat reclaim the world’s most perfect sandwich. Kevin Ford, Brad Garoon, and Justin Houston break it all down for you in this week’s episode of Adventure Time examination. Right Click HERE to download this episode ... Read More »

House of Glory: Fight or Flight Preview w/ Low Ki and HOG Champion Ricochet


House of Glory has a big show coming up this weekend on November 1st and it is headlined by a dream match as the HOG Heavyweight Champion Ricochet faces off against Low Ki. Both men are on the show and talk about their philosophies, Low Ki pioneering the road that Ricochet is currently traveling, and the two have some finals ... Read More »

Weekly Newscast 10/28/14 CHIKARA, Infinity Pro, ROH TV tapings, AIW, PWG, Elgin Shoot Review


Happy Halloween week! Chris GST & Jerome Cusson recorded the first ever LIVE edition of the Weekly Newscast right after WWE Raw (you can join us every week at They discussed the latest results from CHIKARA & Infinity Pro this past weekend. Delve into some AIW & PWG news and discussion about possibly creating an indie wrestling Hall of ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 34 – “Finn’s Fiery Loins”


This week, Flooping the Pig takes a very special look at puberty as interpreted by Adventure Time. Brad Garoon, Kevin Ford, and Justin Houston discuss Finn’s break up with Flame Princess, his attempted backslide with Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess’ maturity, and all the confirmation anyone ever needed to know that Bubblegum and Marceline used to do the nasty.​ Right Click ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “North Carolina Jim Carrey”


Justin and Kevin return for even more CHIKARA talk. This month’s episode is chock full of topics, including their thoughts on King of Trios 2014, this year’s Young Lions Cup field, and full rundowns of CHIKARA’s shows in North Carolina in Virginia! Whose walking away with points? Whose walking away with belts? Fruit baskets? Grab yourself a Cook Out milkshake ... Read More »

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