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Podcast of Honor: All Star Extravaganza VI Review


Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, and Chris Miccio are here to discuss all the news abound in ROH. There’s no shortage of topics including Michael Elgin and what is going on with his relationship with ROH, what happened at the border, and thoughts on the loss of the World Title to Jay Briscoe. The trio also discuss Matt Sydal returning, a ... Read More »

Weekly Newscast 09/09/14 ROH/Elgin Saga, AIW Wrestle Rager, KOT 2014, Tickets Before Lineups & More


Senior Editor Jerome Cusson and Chris GST are back to discuss all the news going on within indie wrestling and there is no shortage. The saga of Michael Elgin and ROH; what is being reported, border issues, who should bear the brunt of visa’s, Michael Elgin’s other indie dates are all discussed. AIW’s Wrestle Rager and the stories coming out ... Read More »

PWP Xtra: Joe Dombrowski on MaskedMania & AJ Styles: The Missing Matches


Joe Dombrowski is one of the busiest men on the indie scene with all the projects he has going on and we’re here to talk about them. First up is the PPV Lucha Libre extravaganza Masked Mania. Joe discusses the environment, the matches, and the difference in crowd culture. Then the new AJ Styles:The Missing Matches 2 set DVD is ... Read More »

PWP Xtra – PWG BOLA 2014 Night 3 Recap & Review


Chris GST & Jerome Cusson are joined by the PWP PWG expert Brian to discuss the finals of the 2014 BOLA tournament as well as all the surprises of Night 3 and his thoughts on Night 1 & 2. Night 3 became even more special for a great reason with the surprise return of Willie Mack & some very interesting ... Read More »

PWP Xtra: PWG BOLA 2014 Night 2 Review


Chris and Jerome are back for a review of Night 2 for PWG’s BOLA 2014 tournament. Lots to talk about including how Zack Sabre Jr has won the crowd over in just 2 nights, what ACH vs Kenny Omega has to do with Austin 3:16, and where the winners may be headed in Night 3. This and more, send your ... Read More »

PWP Xtra – PWG BOLA 2014 Night 1 Review


Senior Editor Jerome Cusson & Chris GST review the first night of PWG BOLA 2014. Talk about their favorite matches, some of the major occurrences throughout the night, and what finish semi ruined a decent match. Lots of great wrestling tonight. Give it a listen and let us know what you think at [email protected] Continue to follow us all weekend ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 30 – “More Fluff Than Sense”


Enjoy this episode of Flooping the Pig, because Brad Garoon, Kevin Ford, and Justin Houston are taking a break for a couple of weeks after this to recharge their Adventure Batteries. This week, they talk about a couple of all-time favorite episodes in Simon & Marcy and Puhoy, as well examine the weirdness of the Great Bird Man and the ... Read More »

Podcast of Honor: Field of Honor Review, DBD Preview, Taven, Elgin & More


Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, and Chris Miccio are back together to discuss all the news in ROH. They delve into the controversy that was the Field of Honor crowd & give their thoughts on the in ring action. A full preview for the Death Before Dishonor weekend events, where ROH is going with iPPV in 2014, and how Michael Elgin’s ... Read More »

Weekly Newscast 08/20/14 ROH, AAW, Intergender Matches, Crowd Rules, & More


There’s no shortage of news this week. Matt Taven doesn’t re-sign with ROH, CZW and ROH are headed to NYC, CWF Mid Atlantic’s Weaver Cup tournament ends this upcoming weekend and much more. Chris and Des delve into two topics that are sure to get your gears grinding: intergender matches & crowd etiquette. They also discuss results from CHIKARA, AAW, ... Read More »

Flooping the Pig Episode 29: Chamomile Tea


Brad Garoon, Kevin Ford, and Justin Houston examine the goals behind Adventure Time’s gender swap episode series. They also touch upon lemon vs. candy politics, and the ways Adventure Time uses video game playing styles to inform their episode structure and character conflicts.​ Right Click HERE to download this episode To get this and all of our weekly exclusive podcasts ... Read More »

ROH Retrocast: Fate Of An Angel 2005 Review


Ari Berenstein takes us back in time for another look at a classic ROH show. This time it’s Fate of An Angel from 2005 featuring Nigel McGuinness vs Claudio Castagnoli (WWE’s Cesaro), Austin Aries vs El Generico, Samoa Joe vs Jimmy Rave, AJ Styles vs Roderick Strong, Matt Hardy vs Christopher Daniels & CM Punk defending the ROH Title against ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! “Strange Brews and Wrecking Crews”


Justin and Kevin are back to discuss CHIKARA’s sojurn to the Great White North! Whose walking away with points? How great is Ashley Remington? Who will challenge Icarus for the Grand Championship? Why is Justin so behind on CHIKARA viewing? Also, roster page discussion! Everything you could want and probably more. Probably. Right Click HERE to download this episode To ... Read More »

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