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PWP Xtra – NJPW G1 24 and Evolve Reboot Discussion


This week on the Weekly Newcast, Jerome is spending some time discussing New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 tournament with TJ Hawke and Evolve with his usual partner Ryan Rozanski. TJ discusses the best and worst aspects of the tournament. They also look at some of the problems with Jeff Jarrett now becoming a part of the Bullet Club and assess ... Read More »

PWP Xtra: 2KW Pro 08/09/14 Divided We Stand Preview


Chris GST sits down with Matt Ryan to discuss a new promotion coming to New York City on August 9th featuring a lot of up and coming names in the east coast and new York indie scene. They’re focusing on the newer wrestlers or talents that have yet to be built to their fullest potential. It’s about bringing compelling wrestling, ... Read More »

Xtra Podcast: Michael Elgin Discusses ROH Best in the World 2014


Number 1 contender to the ROH World Championship, Michael Elgin talks with Chris GST about the upcoming return to PPV for ROH. They discuss a number of topics including what it means for ROH going forward as a company, where he thinks SBG’s money should be spent on and if they take advice from talent on certain outside-of-the-ring issues. Elgin ... Read More »

PWP Xtra- WWN Live Experience Review OR The Greater Fools


Even before Wrestlemania changed all of our lives and made us rediscover why we deal with the stupidity of professional wrestling in the first place, Jerome Cusson and Ryan Rozanski came together after each WWN show to look the shows. We break down all five WWN shows: Evolve 28, A Wrestling Odyssey, Open the Ultimate Gate, Shimmer 62, and Mercury ... Read More »

Wrestlemania 30 Weekend Indie Wrestling Wrap-up


After a weekend full of iPPV viewing, reviewing, and tweeting, the PWP crew had to get some thoughts out there about it all. Chris brings Jerome and Ryan together (again) to talk about what liked, disliked, and everything in between. They discuss the Fire Russo chants at a DGUSA show, Teddy Hart’s cat, what intangible SHIMMER has that many major ... Read More »

PWP Xtra- WWN Live Experience Preview OR Destined to do This Forever


Jerome, Ryan, and Dave are here to discuss AIW Girls Night Out and Preview the upcoming SHIMMER shows plus SHINE matches. Then Jerome and Ryan get down to previewing WWNLive and the WWNLive Experience including DGUSA, EVOLVE, and a lot more. This is a major part of the WM 30 Weekend Preview. Read More »

Pro Wrestling Ponderings’ WrestleMania 30 Preview Podcast


Join Kevin, Matt, & Justin as they voice discourse, predictions, and fantasy booking aplenty. They move into other WWE related topics such as Matt's disliking of Dolph Ziggler, Stephanie McMahon, if CM Punk will ever return, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and more. Read More »

PWP Xtra: PWG Mystyery Vortex II Review + NJPW Invasion Attack/WrestleCon Previews


Fresh off of his night at PWG Mystery Vortex, Brian joins Chris and Des to talk about the show and everything that went on, including how the crowd was so hot, they didn’t notice a 5.1 earthquake. Then the trio preview the upcoming Wrestlemania 30 weekend shows of New Japan Invasion Attack 2014 & WrestleCon session 2 Live Wrestling. Lots of fun, send your feedback to [email protected] Read More »

PWP Xtra- Maddy GTV Co-Founder Paul Gorman


Jerome is back with an interview, a thirty minute discussion with Paul Gorman of Maddy GTV, the Roku exclusive channel which will be broadcasting AAW beginning on March 5. Paul goes over the history of the channel, how to become a station on Roku, his history of fandom, and how AAW quickly became a part of the channel within a ... Read More »

PWP Xtra: WSU Mutiny Details/Refunds, Beyond Wrestling Feeding Frenzy, and More


Drew Cordeiro sits down with Chris GST to discuss the WSU Mutiny iPPV situation. What happened, why it happened, and what fans can do about it with regards to refunds and other possibilities. Drew tells one of the craziest stories ever told on a PWP podcast and then talks about some of the fun exclusives coming to Beyond Wrestling Feeding ... Read More »

CZW 15th Anniversary Preview Podcast with DJ Hyde


DJ Hyde joins Chris GST for an impromptu discussion about CZW’s 15th Anniversary. In what originally was going to be an information gathering mission turned into some fun discussion about everything CZW. The Deej talks about some of his favorite memories of the last 15 years, some WrestleCon 2014 & 2015 talk, and more. Then a full preview of the ... Read More »

From The Rafters Radio Finale Part 2


In part 2 of the From the Rafters Radio finale, the group discusses the problems of TNA and if anything can be done to save the company. Also covered is the death of Chikara and the recent “Ashes” videos. Also, former executive producer of AAPW and owner of Pro Wrestling Collision Chris Hagstrom sets the record straight and for the ... Read More »

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