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¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “Bite or Peel”


Someday, love will find you. Break those chains that bind you. One night will remind you how we touched and went our separate ways. If he ever hurts you, true love won’t desert you. You know I still love you, though we touched and went our separate ways. Right Click HERE to download this episode PWPonderings Podcasts are available on ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “Snail Shell”


13 years of CHIKARA are in the books as of this weekend, and Justin Houston and Kevin Ford are here to recap it all. They talk to Scholarship Challenge, “Back to Skull”, the entire “Aniversario” card with some predictions on Missile Assault Ant and general reflections on the past year. Just listen! Please donate to our RAINN Fundraiser. Just $1 ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “For British Ears Only”


From the smoke of a super busy weekend comes Justin and Kevin to run down four, count em FOUR CHIKARA shows upcoming this weekend in the UK! We talk about them all. Also: trains (?), the roster page, and an offer to Chris Dickinson. It’s fun! You should listen now! Right Click HERE to download this episode To get this ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – The Roughest of Cuts


Weather and internet connection be damned, Justin and Kevin bring you a brand spankin’ new ¡VIVA CHIKARA! They cover it all – Challenge of the Immortals, King of Trios, full rundowns of this weekends shows, the unbeatable Volgar, the joy of Pinkie Sanchez, and more! The audio is super rough, so we ask for you to bear with us and ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “Die Like a Man”


Justin and Kevin are back to discuss all things CHIKARA, specifically “A New Start”, CHIKARA’s first show of Season 15! All matches are discussed in detail, with plenty of off topic dialogue along the way. They also divulge into their thoughts on the season 14 finale, National Pro Wrestling Day, what interests them most going into the year, and some ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – Dusty Tornado


The season finale of CHIKARA is upon us, and Justin and Kevin are here to run down all the matches of the iPPV “Tomorrow Never Dies!” Some contentious choices between the two, but they can both agree the card is STACKED. Listen to some wacky predictions, a random side conversation about homosexuality in wrestling, and Justin complain about how hard ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “Knightfall”


We really hope you like comics, because the ratio of comic book stuff vs. CHIKARA is about 50/50 in this one. Justin and Kevin get caught up discussing the allegory of Bane/Batman with Deucalion/Mike Quackenbush that spirals into other topics. The duo does however get down to brass tacks with full rundowns of both CHIKARA shows this weekend, as well ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “North Carolina Jim Carrey”


Justin and Kevin return for even more CHIKARA talk. This month’s episode is chock full of topics, including their thoughts on King of Trios 2014, this year’s Young Lions Cup field, and full rundowns of CHIKARA’s shows in North Carolina in Virginia! Whose walking away with points? Whose walking away with belts? Fruit baskets? Grab yourself a Cook Out milkshake ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – King of Trios 2014 Spectacular


It’s back! The biggest tournament in CHIKARA has returned and so has VIVA CHIKARA. Justin and Kevin run down all the first round matches and give their predictions on who will win the entire tournament. They also discuss the Rey de Voladores tournament and non-tournament bouts as well. Justin also gives his thoughts on some of the newer CHIKARA guys ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! “Strange Brews and Wrecking Crews”


Justin and Kevin are back to discuss CHIKARA’s sojurn to the Great White North! Whose walking away with points? How great is Ashley Remington? Who will challenge Icarus for the Grand Championship? Why is Justin so behind on CHIKARA viewing? Also, roster page discussion! Everything you could want and probably more. Probably. Right Click HERE to download this episode To ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “Boats and Shows”


This month: A health update on Kevin! Justin and Kevin run down both the New York and Revere, MA cards! They profess their love for Ashley Remington, make some pretty weird jokes, and have a disagreement over the Campeones de Parejas. It gets odd. But you’ll probably enjoy it maybe! Right Click HERE to download this episode To get this ... Read More »

¡VIVA CHIKARA! – “In Memory of Oddjob”


Justin and Kevin are back with this month’s installment of ¡VIVA CHIKARA! As requested by the listeners, the duo gives their thoughts on “You Only Live Twice” including what they liked and disliked, what seemed most like the CHIKARA of old, and what they hope for CHIKARA’s future. Then we move forth with discussion regarding all three shows in Chicago ... Read More »

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