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ROH: Death Before Dishonor XIII Review


July 24th, 2015 Opening Match: Will Ferrara vs. Silas Young Young spends too much time insulting a fan, so Ferrara takes him out with a dive. In the ring, Ferrara connects with a dropkick and comes off the middle rope with a hurricanrana. Young sneaks in an eye poke and takes control. Ferrara comes back with a springboard tornado DDT. ... Read More »

Jerome’s G1 Night 5 Diary

ibushi victory

We’re back to full production for night five. There’s multiple cameras and announcers. For me, this is also the show with the match I’m most looking forward to on the show and the match I’m least looking forward to. There’s also Tanahashi in the main event against my new favorite character in wrestling. Should be an interesting night of the ... Read More »

Jerome’s G1 Diary Night 1


Battleground infuriated me so much last night that I decided to re-subscribe to New Japan World and give the G1 a chance. With a more manageable schedule and more spread out shows, there’s a much better chance I can sit and watch these shows without losing my sanity. Will I be staying up in the middle of the night to ... Read More »

EVOLVE 46 iPPV Review


Reshuffling resulted in a great EVOLVE 45 card. EVOLVE 46 had some major changes too, specifically Chris Hero versus Davey Richards having to be scrapped and replaced with Timothy Thatcher facing Hero for his newly won EVOLVE Title. And if the word of the day for EVOLVE 45 was hotshotting, apparently the strategy taken for EVOLVE 46 was downsizing. FIP ... Read More »

CZW New Heights Review – New Champs!


  July 11, 2015- Philadelphia ,PA– CZW returned to their former home Saturday in South Philadelphia at the former ECW arena , now known as the 2300 arena. I was in attendance for what turned out to be an interesting show with both good and bad. So let’s get to the show. Milk Chocolate opened up the show with another ... Read More »

EVOLVE 45 iPPV Review


EVOLVE 45 took the scenic route to come to fruition, via a couple of original (well, one original, that’s what original means) versions of the card. Much like seemingly every second indie card that’s announced a decent length ahead of time (what I’m saying is, maybe write your dream BOLA brackets in pencil instead of pen), reshuffles of the card ... Read More »

ROH 06/19/15 Best in the World 2015 PPV/iPPV Results & Review


ROH Best in the World 2015 PPV/iPPV June 19, 2015 NYC, NY Lots of fun ROH discussion at the ROH subReddit group Dark Four Corner Survival: Cheeseburger def J. Diesel/The Romantic Touch/Will Ferrara Mark Briscoe def Donovan Dijak with the froggy bow Adam Page and B.J. Whitmer def Matt Sydal and ACH when Page hit the Rite of Passage on ... Read More »

EVOLVE 44 iPPV Review


It occurred to me during EVOLVE 43, just how strong EVOLVE’s roster is right now. Prior to watching 41 and 42, I’d have said that pretty much the one thing EVOLVE had going for it on any kind of consistent basis, besides Lenny on commentary, was the strength of it’s roster. Now, it really seems like EVOLVE have got one ... Read More »

EVOLVE 43 iPPV Review


So, here we are again. EVOLVE 43. After a hit and a miss, albeit a decent show, in terms of getting EVOLVE on the right path during the last double shot weekend in Florida, EVOLVE are back in New York. EVOLVE 44 has not one, but two of the big matches the company have been building up to this year. ... Read More »

ROH: War of the Worlds Night 2 Review


May 13th, 2015 Opening Match: Adam Page vs. Watanabe Page shows some disrespect by refusing a handshake. Watanabe out-paces him early on. Watanabe connects with a few right hands and hits a german suplex. Colby Corino trips up Watanabe and receives a german suplex on the floor for his troubles. Page takes out Watanabe with a dropkick through the ropes. ... Read More »

ROH Global Wars Night 1 Live Coverage


ROH Global Wars Night 1 May 15, 2015 Toronto, ON CAN Please consider donating to our RAINN Fundraiser. Just $1 can make a difference. Opening Match: Silas Young and Watanabe vs. Moose and Gedo This would not have been my choice for the opener. Watanabe refuses to shake Gedo’s hand before the opening bell. Gedo starts poking Watanabe in the ... Read More »

Shine 26 Review

shine 26 review

-Taped from Ybor City, Florda Commentators: Rob Naylor and Lenny Leonard Shazza McKenzie vs. Miss Rachel PBP: Great to have both Rob and Lenny on commentary for this show. Rachel uses her considerable size advantage to toss McKenzie down a number of times. McKenzie rolls underneath and delivers a series of kicks to the legs of Miss Rachel. Roll-up gets ... Read More »

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