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This Week In WWE TV – April 7-13, 2014


This week: It’s the Raw after Wrestlemania and a new era potentially beginning, with Daniel Bryan as the new face of the company, Cesaro as the new ‘Paul Heyman Guy’, The Shield turning their backs on The Authority and The Wyatt Family with the whole world in their hands. Plus, Paige wins the Divas Title, The BO Movement doesn’t Occupy ... Read More »

Rubbed RAW – April 7th, 2014


Raw Recap. Literally nothing else. Read More »

This Week In WWE TV – March 31-April 6, 2014


This week: The final shows on the Road To Wrestlemania 30. And the old ‘go-home show’ theory of winning on the last show before the PPV meaning you’ll lose at the PPV is apparently no more, as Bryan gets one over on The Authority, Orton and Batista, Lesnar F5s The Undertaker and John Cena outsmarts The Wyatt Family. Hmmmm. Plus, ... Read More »

Rubbed RAW – March 31st, 2014


RAW Recap. WM30 Rundown. Read More »

This Week In WWE TV – March 24-30, 2014


This week: As Wrestlemania draws closer, it’s special-guest-a-palooza on Raw as wrestling greats and big time celebrities galore make a special appearance, from The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, to Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to Sin Cara and Scooby Doo. Plus, Triple H ushers in The Reality Era, Stephanie doesn’t hit like a girl, the battle for the Intercontinental Title, ... Read More »

This Week In WWE TV – March 17-23, 2014


This week: The Wrestlemania main event picture takes another unexpected twist, as HHH sets his road towards a not quite so eagerly anticipated all Evolution triple threat match and St Patrick’s Day turns into Whacking Day for Daniel Bryan. Plus, The Undertaker on Main Event, Sheamus on NXT, unofficial battle royaling galore, Kane clashes with The Shield, Gronk gets hyped ... Read More »

Rubbed RAW – March 17th, 2014


RAW recap plus a thing I wrote. Read More »

This Week In WWE TV – March 10-16, 2014


This week: The YES Movement takes a stand to Occupy Raw (in no way affiliated with the similarly named Hijack Raw) and Daniel Bryan sticks it to the man, to get what he wants for Wrestlemania. Plus, The Shield go rogue, Hogan and Cena as The Mega Powers 2K14, the announcement of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, title ... Read More »

Rubbed RAW – March 10th, 2014


Hey bozo, Justin Houston here with the newest edition of “Rubbed RAW”. I give-a you the RAW Recap. I make-a it juuuust the way-a you like. Then, I wrote a piece about balls and Triple H and lots of other stuff that has been on my mind. It’s not breaking new territory or anything but it’s what my brain regurgitated ... Read More »

This Week In WWE TV – March 3-9, 2014


This week: Raw is Hijack, the totally spontaneous calculated organised campaign which you probably heard much about before the show. Come for the CM Punk chants, stay for the fun as Paul Heyman, Daniel Bryan and The Authority hijack the hijacking and The Shield and The Wyatts have another memorable match. Plus, The Usos win the titles, dissension in The ... Read More »

Rubbed RAW – March 3rd, 2014


RAW recap and other shenanigans. Read More »

This Week In WWE TV – February 24-March 2, 2014


This week: An historic week as the WWE Network launches with pre and post shows for Raw and Smackdown, as well as providing new homes for NXT and Superstars, while Hulk Hogan returns to WWE after just over five years. Plus, Batista is awesome again so DEAL WITH IT, Undertaker returns, NXT ArRIVAL, Cesaro and Sami Zayn raise the bar again, ... Read More »

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