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World of Sport UK 12/31/16 Reboot Results

World of Sport UK Reboot Results Credit: Wrestlution 1. Dave Mastiff defeated Grado for the WOS title. This set up a night long story. Lots of crowd interaction and Grado was over huge as the big star. 2. Kenny Williams beat Sam Bailey, CJ Banks & Danny Hope in Ladder Match. Some fun spots. Banks the heel, all four looked good. 3. Mark & Joe Coffey beat Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith. Ashton & Rampage had matching gear. Crowd on them for looking like Father & Son. 4. Viper beat…

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Reece’s Rasslin’ Riffs: WWE vs. World Of Sport and The Myth of Competition

This is going to be a response editorial to a news story put out by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. I site Meltzer as a reputable source and this editorial will be under the assumption that what the WON reported is true or at least has a high possibility of being true. With that said, let’s get underway. To quote David Korten: Global competition is about winners and losers. It’s been long theorized by members of the professional wrestling fandom that “competition spurns better products”. I’ve found this to be a pretty…

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